These dogs are located in SEMO Bootheel area in rural pounds that have been at overpopulation for months now. They have reached a critical point of giving up hope, rescues have not been pulling dogs from them. As is with shelters across the nation, euthanasia is the next step ending these dogs chances forever.

The AC officers have struggled for months, placing dogs in boarding, rotating them in and out of their homes, doubling up dogs in kennels and yet still no assistance from rescues. They get it, everyone is full, no one has fosters, adoptions are down. BUT…

IF we can get 10 rescues to take ONE dog, this would save these dogs lives.

The dogs come with health certificate, DHPP, Bordetella, and Rabies vaccines. A transport moves dogs from this area every other Saturday. The pulling rescue is asked to make a donation towards the vetting costs of the dog they intake as the pounds are not funded for medical by their local municipalities. Transport runs to Northern Illinois, Wisconsin, Nebraska on regular basis for pick ups.

Please for these dogs lives, consider taking just ONE. These dogs are country dogs, they are used to being social with other dogs, running free outside, a lot of them have incredible recall. They are happy to stay with the family that gives them a roof over their heads, and fresh food and water daily.

Please reach out to Cynthia at if you are a rescue interested in pulling a dog, or if you are an individual looking to foster to adopt a dog. Time is of the essence to save these dogs lives.

Please share on your social media pages to locate help for these dogs.

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