American Pitbull Terrier
2 years old
Dog Social
People Lover
Child Approved
House and Crate Trained
Up to date on Vaccinations
Will be altered prior to adoption

Jolie is special. She is a young Mom who managed to keep her puppies alive for 6 weeks on her own living under a shed in rural SE Missouri. The animal control officer managed to lure her and the pups out days before the arctic blast hit freezing everything in it’s path.

We are privileged to have such a beautiful, loving, affectionate, dog in our guardianship. She proved what a brave, loyal and caring Mom she was, despite starving herself.

Jolie is loving life in her foster home, 3 of her babies have left the nest and now it’s her and her sweet Pinot waiting for the perfect family. If you are into beautiful pitties, with kind hearts and loving personalities and feel you could provide Jolie with the type of home she deserves for the rest of her life; please complete an application today.

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