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Age: 2 years (est)
Gender: Male
Breed: American Bulldog/American Pitbull Terrier Mix
Neuter: Yes
Vaccinations: Yes
Size: Medium
Weight: 50 lbs
Children: No
Cats: No
Dogs: Yes, slow introductions

Likes: People, tennis balls, tennis balls and more tennis balls. Duncan is has a very sweet nature, with a goofy side to his personality. He loves sitting on your lap and burrowing into your chest with his head; as if he just can’t get any closer. He loves going for walks, rolling in the grass, belly rubs and working with our massage therapist.

Behavioral Heads-up: Food and resource aggression. Currently working with a trainer on behavior.

History: Duncan, formerly known as Buddy the Elf at Chicago Animal Control where he was picked up as a stray on November 25, 2016. Duncan joined KEI on January 27, 2017. Duncan was one of CACC’s longest residents whose time had run out and his food bowl aggression tagged him for death.

KEI on the advice of volunteers who had worked with Duncan during his 3 months at the shelter, decided he was worth giving a second chance to. Duncan has been working with a behaviorist and instructor to learn basic obedience and work on his resource issues. He is looking for a foster home to lay his head upon.

Update: Duncan is now safely tucked away in foster love. He is adoring every minute of the change in environment. He has new beds. New toys. New adventures. Duncan is showing us that all his training and time waiting paid off as he sheds his boarding layers to enter into foster love.