Labrahounds? How darling are these pups?

Beautiful Mama Victoria gave birth to these stunning 5 pups all on her own as a stray.  A good samaritan brought her to the animal shelter with the day old pups.   Victoria then made the long trek to Plainfield, IL from Fredericks, Missouri.  She has blossomed into a loving, caring and attentive Mama even being a baby herself.  Victoria is under a year old herself and is looking for her forever family once her babies have been placed.

Victoria has a sweet and loving nature; she loves being with her people, enjoys other dogs and even gets along with her foster Mom’s cat.  If her puppies are half as darling and even tempered as she is, they will live long loving lives with their forever family’s.




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To begin the journey of adopting either Victoria or one of her pups into your family, please complete an application.

Please note, we will not adopt out a puppy to a home that cannot provide several breaks throughout the day.  Puppies locked in crates or left home alone for long hours do NOT make happy, well-mannered adult dogs.

Completing the application is the first step in the process, a representative will contact you shortly after receiving your application.  Please be sure to finish the application completely to prevent any delays.