The Southern Comfort Coalition (SCC) is a shelter and community program developed and launched by K9 Enrichment Initiative, Inc.  (KEI) that reaches out to crucial animal rescue advocates such as shelters, animal control officers, police departments as well as communities to extend a helping hand with the stewards in their care. A common focus [animal rescue] grew to shine a light onto Southern Illinois rural communities that struggle the hardest to receive aid when it is needed most. From North to South and South to North…we are all one. So a grassroots movement began to bring resources such as food, supplies and exposure South to bridge the gap. The intent is simple; build partnerships with animal rescue advocates that spill over into the communities through advocacy, low-cost/no-cost mobile vet clinics and pet resource pantries for those with the desire to keep their cat or dog in their home if only a little help could be found.
That is the ripple-effect of the SCC. From shelters to communities, the coalition extends its hand in partnership to those with the dedicated passion for doing more—if only more was tangible.

The SCC embarks on quarterly transports into Southern Illinois with resources gathered from the North to be used where they are needed most. We partner with specifically selected hub animal shelters in Southern Illinois that receive SCC supplies and in turn, connect with other local shelters/communities in need. The ripple effect spreads as the partnerships grow. Filling the needs where they exist so no animals suffer when times are tight. Please consider the many ways the SCC may be able to support you:


Southern Comfort Coalition Pet Assistance Community form








Get ready to become a medical sponsor ready to step into action when it is needed most with a life-saving medical treatment or even just a simple rabies shot that might not otherwise be available. Or provide a critical SPAY or NEUTER procedure to a community member who cannot otherwise afford it. Then we have the miracle of sponsoring HW/Flea & Tick preventative support which gives the chance of one life living to a healthy, mature age. Stay tuned as these life-changing options are presented to those with a heart that has a desire to give with a tangible result!

Southern Comfort Coalition Pet Assistance Program:

The Southern Comfort Coalition Pet Assistance program provides temporarily support for their pets during difficult times. Please read over the general requirements below for consideration of eligibility. Every request will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

GENERAL requirements FOR Eligibility To Receive Donations:

  1. Provide proof of unemployment, income status, or disability with a valid driver license or some form of ID and must be 18 years of age or older. ID may be required.
  2. Pets are for companionship and not for breeding or illegal activities. The Southern
    Comfort Coalition does not donate to anyone breeding, selling or flipping animals
    and it reserves the right to refuse anyone, under any circumstance.
  3. Please be aware that you may be disqualified from eligibility for taking on additional
    animals while receiving donations.
  4. Pets are family and should be supported in a healthy, indoor environment and in acceptable living conditions. Please reach out to Southern Comfort Coalition if an
    animal you know of is in need of medical attention, urgent assistance or other special needs.
  5. Please understand that all pet food and supplies are donated and may not be the current brand you use in your household, which may upset your pet’s stomach.
  6. Recipients agree not to resell, redistribute or attempt to return to a store, any food or care items received from Southern Comfort Coalition/K9 Enrichment Initiative, Inc.

I, as the caretaker of the animals listed below (the “Pets”), do hereby agree/state as follows:

That all the “Pets” listed below are:

  • Legally Mine
  • Not used for breeding or any other illegal activity
  • Are not tethered or chained in your care outdoors 24/7
  • I recognize that in receiving assistance in the form of donated pet food and supplies there exists a risk of injury or sickness, including personal injury or harm to me, my “Pets” and others. On behalf of myself, my heirs, personal representatives and executors, I hereby release, discharge, indemnify, and hold harmless Southern Comfort Coalition and its agents from any and all claims, causes of actions or demands, of any nature or cause connected with my receipt of assistance in any form from Southern Comfort Coalition. m yes m no
  • I will provide proof of unemployment, low-income status, or disability with a valid driver license or some form of ID each donation pick up. (Disability/SSI, Unemployment, etc.)
  • I will alert a Coalition member if I am in need of support with sheltering my animal(s)
  • If pets listed below are not spayed/neutered, you are willing to discuss having them altered if the services are sponsored.

FOOD PICK UP is by appointment only. We cannot guarantee how much or how often we can provide food to you for the animals in your care. But we will do our best to support you with the donations that we secure till we are needed no more.





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