In our effort to serve the rescue community and families in need we offer the following programs.

  1. Guardianship of dogs from partner rescues.  We provide vetting, medical care, fostering, advocacy and processing of adoptions of special needs dogs in situations where they require a bit more time to heal and prepare for adoption.
  2. Education in schools and community programs through the presentation of Stop The 77% No Bite program developed for ages preschool through grade school.  The program educates children on proper dog etiquette to cut down on dog bites.  77% of dog bites occur with people the dog is familiar with or family due to poor etiquette on the person’s part.
  3. Lost Dogs of Illinois Search Teams support.  In negotiating deals with printers throughout Will, DuPage and Cook County, we are able to have packets of “lost dog” posters and fliers ready for pick up by search teams.  A vital part of recovering a lost dog is to get the word out as quickly as possible via online and in distributing fliers to the homes & businesses in the search area.  Unless the public at large knows a dog is missing/lost, the dog can go unrecognized for days, wasting valuable time in the recovery process.  Search teams can only track down and set  a trap for a dog when they have the public calling in sightings & locations.
  4. Welcome Home bags for dogs leaving fostering for their forever homes from partner rescue. (Partner rescue TBD)
  5.  Currently working on a Fostering 101 seminar to aid rescues in recruiting and training foster family’s. (Release date TBD)
  6. Annual Fundraiser/Adoption Picnic Event held in August to celebrate rescue and the dogs they provide a second chance in life too.