If YOU are ready, let US show you the way.

Looking to complete your family with the addition of a canine member?

Partner with K9 Enrichment Initiative, Inc. (KEI) as we support your family in their search for the right addition to heart and home. We are a 501c3 animal rescue organization, licensed by the IL Department of Agriculture, which aims to complete families through the re-homing of shelter, abandoned and surrendered dogs.

We believe, for every dog there is a family and for every family, their is a dog. Each of our dogs is well prepared to join their family upon adoption and live quality lives as we carefully craft customized programs for each dog we intake. This prepares us and them to find the best match to complete a family as well as to enrich the dogs life through medical care, behavior care and training. Our mission extends beyond just the adoption stage and into all the years after that juncture.

We believe homeless and surrendered dogs are not broken and with time and extraordinary efforts on the dogs part we can help them to be the best dog they can be for the rest of their lives.

People are individuals, unique with quirks, positive traits and not so positive traits; dogs are the same. If the world was filled with perfect people and perfect dogs; what a boring world it would be.

Join us on our quest to take the lost, lonely, quirky, fun-loving, comical, and brilliantly unique people and complete their lives with a new best friend, a family member…a dog.

Connect with us directly through our contact form.

Visit our Adoption/Fostering Application to start the process.

Adoption donation fees are as follows:

Under 1 year old: $400 (dogs are up-to-date on both sets of vaccinations, altered and microchipped)
1-6 year old: $350.00 (dogs are up-to-date on vaccinations, altered and microchipped)
6 years plus: $250.00 (dogs are up-to-date on vaccinations, altered and microchipped)

98% of our dogs are adopted out through our foster-to-adopt program to their adopters.

Let us take you on a journey that has the potential to complete not only your homeā€”but your heart too. Don’t delay and start your foster or adoption process with us today as a KEI rescue needs someone just like YOU. Email info@k9ei.dog with any questions or concerns.


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