K9 Enrichment Initiative, Inc. considers each foster/adopter as an extension of our family. Our foster/adoption policies exist to ensure that we get to know our families as best as we can to help our rescues find the best possible homes. Each policy places another layer of communication between K9EI Rescue and the extension of our tribe. Please take a moment to acquaint yourself with our policies and do not hesitate to connect should you have questions or concerns prior to moving forward with your application submission.

  1. Applicants must be over 21 years of age.
  2. Applicants must own or rent the residence in which they reside.  If renting, the owner must provide documented proof that the breed of dog they are applying for is allowed to reside in the residence.
  3. Applicants must provide proof that they are abiding by their local city, county and state ordinances regarding the number of animals allowed in their residence.
  4. Applicants with a history of criminal violence against humans, dog fighting or animal abuse or neglect documented in the criminal court system will not be eligible to foster or adopt a dog from K9 Enrichment Initiative, Inc.
  5.  K9 Enrichment Initiative, Inc. goal is to find permanent, loving, responsible homes for the animals in our care. We try to find a match that considers not only the best interests of the animal but those of the people as well. K9 Enrichment Initiative, Inc. reserves the right, without explanation, to refuse any application, and to deny any adoption in its absolute discretion.
  6. Applications must be completed in its entirety, and all references will be verified. By filling out an application or signing a foster agreement, you hereby give consent to K9 Enrichment Initiative, Inc. and its authorized representatives to perform appropriate criminal background checks, references, and veterinary checks as needed to approve this application.
  7. If you are approved to foster a K9 Enrichment Initiative, Inc. dog, you will be required to either attend training with the dog or make the dog available for pick up by a representative of K9 Enrichment Initiative, Inc. for training classes or behavior evaluations to transport.
  8. If you are approved to foster or foster to adopt a K9 Enrichment Initiative, Inc. dog, you will be required to either attend training with the dog or behavior evaluations. Dogs under a year must attend training, adults dog without prior training, must attend training.  This is an adoption requirement, not optional and at the discretion of the rescue.
  9. If you are approved to foster or foster to adopt a K9 Enrichment Initiative, Inc. dog you will be required to bring the dog to veterinary appointments as needed or make the dog available for pick up by a representative of K9 Enrichment Initiative, Inc. to transport.
  10. If at any time it is discovered you have lied or mislead K9 Enrichment Initiative, Inc. in regards to your application or verbal commitments regarding your qualifications for fostering or owning a dog, we reserve the right to remove the dog from your care/home.
  11. K9 Enrichment Initiative, Inc. employs Force Free training methods set forth by accredited professional trainers and behaviorists.  If at any time as a foster or foster to adopt you deviate from these methods, we reserve the right to remove our dog from your home.
  12. K9 Enrichment Initiative, Inc. requires all fosters and fosters to adopt to implement the shutdown period of 2 weeks to allow the dog to decompress and assimilate to the new environment. Failure to adhere to this requirement will result in the dog being removed from the home by K9 Enrichment Initiative, Inc. (Note: some dogs need longer periods of time and this will be discussed with the foster or foster to adopt on an individual basis)
  13. K9 Enrichment Initiative, Inc. provides food, medical care, toys, training, a Freedom Harness for each of their dogs entering foster care.  If you wish to donate food to your foster, please inform your K9 Enrichment Initiative, Inc. representative.
  14. K9 Enrichment Initiative, Inc. dogs are inside the home dogs, if it is discovered a foster or foster to adopt has the dog living outside of the home, the dog will be removed by K9 Enrichment Initiative, Inc. representatives.
  15. K9 Enrichment Initiative, Inc. fosters and fosters to adopt agree to provide a safe home environment, fresh clean water, daily feedings and to adhere to the above-mentioned policies regarding 2-week shutdown and training.

K9 Enrichment Initiative, Inc. reserves the right to update, change or amend these policies as they see fit without notification. In completing an application, you are agreeing to adhere to these policies.

Our Adoption Process and Application

Disclosure: K9 Enrichment Initiative is 100% foster based, therefore all dogs live in a home. Meet and greets with available dogs are made ONLY AFTER the process is completed. 

Step 1:  Submit application processing fee of $10. (online through the donate button) Once that is received we will review your application. 

Step 2:  A volunteer representative from K9EI Rescue will contact you regarding your adoption application after obtaining the $10 application fee and explain the adoption process in detail. We do extensive personal and vet reference checks.  Our animals have had a rough life up until now, and we want to be sure that the rest of it will be smooth sailing.

Step 3:  We will process your adoption application and stay in touch with you during each phase. Due to the number of applications some dogs may receive, it may take up to 5 days for you to hear back from one our volunteers.   

Step 4:  If all vet references and personal references meet K9EI Rescue guidelines and criteria, and our K9EI Rescue volunteer feels like your home is a good match for the adoptable dog, then you will be contacted to arrange a time to do a meet and greet and begin the Foster to Adopt period of 14 days.  After the allotted time, you decide to adopt the dog, the final adoption fee can be paid by online with through our PayPal or Venmo accounts and you will be emailed the adoption forms to sign during the shelter in place.

Again, K9EI Rescue is run by Volunteers who all have full time jobs, please be patient as we go through applications, and through the adoption process!

READY TO MOVE ONTO the application process? Click here. We are excited to make your acquaintance and look forward to partnering to complete your family with the potential of a life we have saved.

NOT READY? Please don’t feel the need to rush into a decision you are not ready for. Connect and let us, partner, to make this process smoother. Feel free to come out to an event and spend some time with our adoptable dogs. Spend some time getting to know us! After a while, the timing will be right and you will know just the right moment.

Connect with any questions or concerns: EMAIL, CALL 1-779-875-6309 or WEB MESSAGE.