K9 Enrichment Initiative Family Testimonials 

“My family was lucky enough to find KEI and in turn our newest fur baby Beau. We were very impressed with their “foster to adopt” policy, which allowed us to foster our puppy for 2 weeks before we committed to adoption. I believe this is a wonderful policy, as you can never truly know if a dog is a good fit for your family unless he is able to spend time in your home. I also love the feeling that I am part of the KEI “family”. I am able to contact members of the organization with any questions/concerns and am also able to see pictures and updates of my dog’s mother and siblings. I feel like the rescue deeply cares about the best interest of every dog. If you are looking to rescue a dog, I highly recommend KEI.” Becka Tatooles

“We’ve always had a wonderful experience with KEI. We had a great experience personally with our foster to adopt kitten, Lola. We needed to make sure it would work with our dog before we adopted and we did! She’s a perfect fit for our family.” Randy Patinka 

“It has been almost 2 weeks since I started fostering this little piece of heaven pup Lauren. From the easy application process, to the personal phone call to the home visit, everything and everyone were amazing and very professional. I was able to connect with each person I spoke to and able to see their passion for helping their animals. It really shows and that is a quality in a rescue/adopt facility you need. I am thrilled I was able to work with them and have been passing them onto anyone I know looking for a future family member!” Erik Cederblad

“Please consider fostering or volunteering with K9 Enrichment Initiative they are committed to placing all dogs in their care in the best homes. They provide all medical, supplies and food for your foster. Fostering saves lives one dog at a time and is so rewarding. I am so pleased to be working with such a great group of dedicated individuals.” Mary Field 

“We adopted a beautiful, mama dog named Calista from KEI. I am so impressed with the volunteers and how thorough they were to ensure that we were a good match. They truly have the dogs’ best interest in mind. Get to know this organization. Adopt from them. Or just donate to enrich the lives of the dogs they save.” Amy Philippon

“We are very grateful for Cynthia’ s hard work and devotion to these animals. Without her we would not have Hank. He brings us so much JOY – not just during this season, but every day.” Maria Moran

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  1. We have been part of the K9 Enrichment Initiative Family for the past 6 months and to see the changes in the dogs lives that they have saved is AMAZING! My wife and I started fostering and we have welcomed 16 dogs and puppies into our home whether it was overnight or for longer periods of time we have loved every one of them and have enjoyed watching them find their forever homes! K9 also gave us the pleasure of connecting us with our two dogs that we have adopted. Etta Jane and Samson were found in Chicago, one wandering around emaciated with a coaxial cable around her neck and the other tied to a fence with a 4 foot chain! They are now secure and happy in our home and have bonded with each other, with us and our three kids. We love them and can’t imagine life without them!! Thank you to our K9 Family that we are so proud to be a part of!!


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