Fostering and adoption bridges the gap between lost and found. K9 Enrichment Initiative (KEI) can insure each life we take in is safe but we need fosters and adopters in order to truly save each life. Our mission extends beyond the intake and focuses on building an open partnership with each family that opens their doors to a life we share. Our organization is 100% foster-based which means we rely on every single foster home to help us support the lives we secure. Our adopters provide the flow of lives from foster to home.

The cycle is simple:

  • K9EI intakes a new life in need via shelter, homeless, owner surrender, etc.
  • A foster home offers to dedicate their support and care to temporarily housing the new intake.
  • Adopter connects via the various lines of exposure K9EI sends out in social media, website, online adoptable sites, partner vendors, etc.
  • Our rescue is home.

What is Adopting?

Adoptive families are looking to make one of our adoptables their own on a permanent basis whereas fostering is a temporary situation. Adoptive homes submit an application just as a foster family does which includes all the same checks and balances. Our adoption families receive a customized foster to adopt process dependent upon each situation as our rescues’ needs vary and our goal exists beyond adoption to partner in confirming each adoption is the right path for all. Adopters receive a rescue that:

  • Has been seen by our vet partner.
  • Up-to-date on age-appropriate vaccinations
  • Altered
  • Microchipped to KEI
  • Vet records
  • Foster-based background on each life and their likes/dislikes, behavioral dips and valleys.

READY TO MOVE ONTO the application process? We are excited to make your acquaintance and look forward to partnering to complete your family with the potential of a life we have saved.

NOT READY? Please don’t feel the need to rush into a decision you are not ready for. Connect and let us partner to make this process smoother. Feel free to come out to an event and spend some time with our adoptables. Spend some time getting to know us! After awhile, the timing will be right and you will know just the right moment.

Connect with any questions or concerns: EMAIL, CALL VOICEMAIL 1-779-875-6309 or WEB MESSAGE.