SOS Taavi is Urgent
Taavi needs out of boarding ASAP and into a home. His health is deteriorating despite everything we do and he is safely in our vet’s boarding, but it’s not enough. He is losing hope.

We have had not a single application wanting to foster or adopt Taavi.

Taavi needs a home without other dogs, cats, small critters or young children. He would make an excellent companion to a person or couple looking for a low maintenance dog who likes to lounge around the house.

Not a single hero willing to give him a chance in a home to blossom.

Marcus Aurelius

Marcus started out with us when he was a mere 4 days old with his litter of 9 siblings. He is approaching his second year come June of 2019. He is handsome, highly intelligent, well mannered and obedience trained. He enjoys Nosework, running in the yard and snuggling on the sofa at night.

Marcus was adopted out at 4 months but returned by the time he turned 7 months by the family. He had a lot to overcome at that point and has put in the work. He is no longer the frightened puppy and is an outgoing fun loving dog.

Marcus needs an active family, he has energy being an intelligent breed, Carolina, Labrador, and hound mix. Marcus can walk off a lead and has an excellent recall. When told to go to his kennel, he will open the closed door and go inside.

An amazing young dog that deserves a family who is looking for a fun adventurous dog.

Marcus weighs 50lbs, he is a lean, fast, “let’s play outside” kinda dog.

Beautiful Livia came to us well recovering from Parvo and an Upper Respiratory Infection, along with parasites. She actually arrived shortly after Taavi and they shared a kennel room at the vet.

Livia was a young wild child and when she was released from medical she went into a foster to adopt home. 7 days later she was returned to the rescue. Too much energy in the home.

Our most dedicated foster family stepped up to give Livia a home to prepare for her forever home. Livia is the 16th foster in their two years with the rescue. They went right to work on house and crate training, working on building trust and basic commands.

Livia can become nervous in new situations and they continue to work with her to overcome any fears that present themselves. Livia loves to cuddle with her foster Mom. She lives with a 5-year-old female child and performs her basic commands for the young trainer.

Livia is dog-friendly and showed tolerance for cats at events.

If you have a young family and are looking for a dog to grow up with your children, Livia is your girl!

Maggie Mae

Maggie has been with us since December of 2017, she is a regal senior gal of the Black Mouth Cur breed.

Maggie was leaving in a car in the freezing cold and then left to leave in a relatives garage before being brought to us at our vet hospital. Maggie was in need of serious medical care.

A foster stepped up for her and has been in her corner since day one. Maggie is healthy and totally in love with her foster Dad. She goes on errands with him, walks around the neighborhood, hangs out in his office or sits on the sofa watching television with him.

Maggie would continue to blossom and enjoy life with a companion who enjoys having her company. She is 8 years old, still enjoys a walk or run in the yard with her little buddy, a Chi/Terrier.

Maggie is house and crate trained, although she does not use a crate at her foster home.

Maggie’s adoption fee is sponsored for the perfect match.

Looking for a dog without puppy issues, no adolescent sassiness or young adult bravado, then Maggie is your gal.

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