My name is Trinity, I am a small malnourished, tick and worm-infested female mixed breed dog with three fractured legs. AND I WANT TO LIVE.

I was discovered beneath an overpass on I-24 in Kentucky just outside Eddysville.  I was taken to St. Francis Care Shelter in Murphysboro, IL and from there Springfield, IL and then onto Plainfield, IL where I was then rushed to the ER hospital in Chicago.  I spent 24 hours in the ER and then moved to another ER overnight while I awaited surgery.

I have had my surgery and now the work begins as I learn to use my legs again.  I am with a great rescue group, I have a loving foster family and before you know it I will have a loving perfect match of a forever family.

Until then you can follow my journey on KEI”s Facebook page,  or Instagram @k9enrichmentinitiative

Not everyone can adopt me, but please look at some of my new rescue family members and perhaps one of them will still your heart.  Ivy April is a looker and she is a survivor just like me.

Delilah modeled with Taylor Kinney, how cool is that? She is gorgeous.  Addison is fun loving and loyal.  Baby Dana Kay is such a puppy, but doing really well in training class, she was being sold on Craigslist when a person bought her and then turned her over to the rescue.  That’s what called a “good save” in rescue.  Keep her from having harm done to her by evil monsters.  There are Floyd and Darla, Ernesto who is still in the hospital with manage, but the doctors say he is improving, thank goodness, his skin was a bloody mess.  Maggie is the royalty of the rescue at age 6, she has it all going on, looks, manners, intelligence.  There are also these two brothers, Marcus and Claudius who are searching for forever families, they will be a year old next month, the rescue saved them at 3 days old.  My foster mom calls them “goofy” as they are silly with lots of energy.

If you want to donate, you can do so on Facebook by clicking our donate button on our page.  We are always graciously accepting donations, our big dream is to open a private shelter and be able to save even more dogs at one time from off death rows and in situations like mine.  Did you know my rescue has now saved 36 dogs from the streets of southern Illinois?  Dogs on death’s door from abuse and neglect,  but not anymore, they are loved in good family’s.

All in all, I think I am pretty lucky to be a member of KEI, there small but mighty like me.

Love and remember your pawesome!


If you have questions or inquiries please call 779-875-6309 or write




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