Hope was the second dog we rescued and the first from Chicago Animal Care and Control. (March 2016)

She was emaciated, infected ears, cracked teeth and cuts, bruises, burns on her filthy white fur with a deep scar around her neck from where the rope cut into her skin.  She was so tiny and fragile, begging to leave CACC behind with each time she peered through the cage door with her blue eyes and tail wagging.

Time and medical attention helped heal the wounds on her body, dental and a surgery for eyelashes growing from her oil glands took months.  Training classes and behavior work helped, but never tamed her fear of other dogs.

People on the other hand were and are her love.  Hope is a love sponge professional.

After nearly a year, she found her forever home with her dad, a war vet with PTSD who needed her as much as she needed a home.  Love at first sight for her dad and soon she would claim him as her one and only hero.

I receive updates via phone texts along with photos of Hope lying on her spot on the sofa or recliner watching out the window.  Her dad calls her “his little girl” and she is never far from his side whether in the yard, garage, home or when they go for a neighborhood walk.

At the time of her adoption, his Mother had telephoned me to tell me what a change had taken place in her son’s life during the foster to adopt period, that the whole family loved Hope for the “hope” she had given her son.  Life was different, he had a reason to get out of bed in the morning, someone to care for and who gave him unconditional love in return.

A week ago I received a telephone call from her Dad, his voice cracking as he told me that they had just left the veterinarian and Hope has cancer.


If you can spare a few dollars we would love to be able to help Doug cover the costs for his girls’ medical care.

Hope is such a special dog not only to her Dad but to the entire KEI family who cared for her during her recovery from battered and abused to healthy & loved.

You can click on this link and it will take you to our PayPal Giving Fund, mark the donation “HOPE”.

Thank you and have a blessed day.

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