Trinity has been doing really well this past week in her foster to adopt home.  She is finally settling into a routine, learning all the do’s and don’t’s of the home.  Working on not barking Grandpa and Grandma making them deaf when they come to the home.  Trinity takes a bit to warm up to people and is an excellent guard dog, no one can get near her home or people without her alerting.  Trinity is gifted with a loud hound dog bark and she isn’t afraid to use it.

She has been successfully going on walks with the grandparents’ female labrador and has decided now she likes her enough to not bark at her the whole time. In fact, on today’s walk, there was no barking, must be she is getting older.  🙂

Today was a very special day for Trinity, her foster to adopt family celebrated her turning 1 year old.  As you will see in the videos, in true Trinity Grace manner she was thrilled.  Trinity loves life, every moment of every day.

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Happy Birthday, Trinity!  We love you always and forever, looking forward to you celebrating many more birthdays.



  1. Pretty hard to find a more heart-warming story. Is she actively up for adoption now? I would think there would be lines of people ready to adopt her.


  2. Awww!!! Glad to see her up and about and doing so well!!! Happy Birthday Trinity!!!
    Thank you to the family that has taken such great care of her and loved her so!!!


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