On July 22, 2018, we hosted a get together at the Joliet Slammers Baseball stadium called “Strike Out Animal Cruelty”  with our very own Trinity, Ivy, and Kyla on hand.

Trinity as many already know was found beneath an overpass with 3 fractured legs, malnourished and covered in ticks.  She would be diagnosed with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever an illness transferred by ticks to a host.

Ivy came to us months earlier after being shot in the hind leg and beaten over the head with a beer bottle leaving a gaping wound.

Kyla arrived 3 weeks before the event after she was discovered lying in the road, having had her front limb crushed and her hind leg femur damaged and in need of surgery.  The front limb was amputated immediately by the vet caring for her at the clinic where she was dropped by a client.  The FHO (Femur Head Ostectomy) was performed a week earlier after her arrival.

Three beautiful dogs, all warriors having battled through abuse, neglect and the breaking of their bodies, but not their spirits.  The will to live resonates with these southern belles.

The day belonged to Trinity as ticketholders were treated to swag bags from the rescues sponsors with treats, special designed Trinity tee, and TCF banking K9 Enrichment Initiative logo ballcap.

As game time approach Trinity made her way to the field where she walked to the pitcher’s mound as the ceremonial first pitch was tossed by Plainfield resident Cody Hogan whose family had adopted Chief (Khan) from us in January.

Trinity spent the afternoon walking the stadium passing out t-shirts, ballcaps, and doggie treats to fans who had brought their pets to the game that day.  She enjoyed every moment of attention and praise she received.

Thank you to everyone who came out to support our efforts and meet Trinity, Ivy, and Kyla.  A wonderful opportunity to meet Facebook supporters in person and make new friends.

Thank you to the Joliet Slammers for your gracious hosting of our mini roadshow & your staff attentiveness to ours & the girl’s needs.

Hope you enjoy the photos!

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