received_102166720755742491  Trinity suffered a setback yesterday when she re-fractured her right front leg at the hospital.  She underwent a 2-hour plus surgery to set the leg, insert plates, pins and has returned to recovery.  Apparently, in not feeling no pain she thinks she can get up and walk.  Yesterday is proof she can not.

This is a setback, but Dr. Conroy is confident that she has the tenacity to pull through and heal properly if we can keep her calm and not using those legs.  The other major issue at this point is the urine and diarrhea contaminating the bandages.   His staff is constantly checking to ensure the bandages are clean or changed immediately if soiled.  I commend their dedication to providing the best care to Trinity in a trying situation with a frustrated puppy.

Her cart is scheduled to arrive today via a donation by Gunner Wheels.

I cannot state it enough how your support, kind words, and financial generosity for her extended medical has meant to me personally and our KEI tribe.

Stay tuned as Trinity meets her foster family tomorrow, Wednesday, May 30th and checks out her new wheels.


  1. Thank you all for taking care of this beautiful baby girl. She deserves a second chance at life with amazing people to care for her. God bless all of you and prayers for Trinity and everyone taking care of her. Hugs to all.


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