Trinity just finished her photo shoot to capture her image for the July 22nd, “Strike Out Animal Cruelty” event at Rt. 66 Stadium, home to the Joliet Slammers.

Our generous partners at VarCity Apparel will be creating the design and donating the t-shirts to shine a light on animal cruelty.

This isn’t just about Trinity, but don’t tell her that, she loves attention.  It’s about the hundreds of Trinity’s who are abused, neglected, abandoned and in some cases killed each day in this nation.

If you don’t speak out, who will?  The animal can cry out in pain, but they can’t dial up the phone for help.  The must suffer the abuse, fight to stay alive in hopes that someone will hear their cries and take action.

Be that hero!  Don’t look away, don’t stay silent, don’t pretend it doesn’t happen, the reality is a hard truth; see it and do something about it.

Look at these darling photos of Trinity loving life in the grass during her shoot. How sad would it have been for her life to end on the hot pavement, body broken, ill and alone?  Be A Hero!

Trinity what's upTrinity Pretty Girl
Photos by: Fugger Photography

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