This evening was a joyous occasion when we were able to bring Trinity home to her foster family where she will begin the next part of her journey.

We are very grateful to WGN news for their coverage of Trinity’s story, as it’s our goal to highlight, not the evil done to her, but the goodness of people to which has shown bright.

KEI has high standards for our rescue, we value integrity, hard work, dedication, and transparency.   Saving a dog’s life and watching that dog bring overwhelming joy to a new family is a truth like none other.

Trinity has a long road ahead of her, the surgery was the easy part, now it’s hours of healing and then hours of therapy to rebuild the legs muscles.  There is no doubt she is a survivor.  She kept trying to get out of her new wheels this evening when she was placed inside.  She wants to go!

Speaking of those very cool pink wheels, those are a FREE from Gunner’s Wheels Foundation.  All it took was Jason Parker, learning of Trinity’s situation from Lynda Kruether of Zeus’s Collarship and he had the wheels on their way to us.   No hesitation at all, he wanted to have her recovering as soon as possible and that means a quad set of wheels so she is immobile for now.

WGN incorrectly reported that funds raised were used to purchase the wheels and we want to right that wrong, giving Jason his due for the incredible gift his foundation provides to so many dogs in need of wheels.  I am sure Jason will say, “he does it for the dogs”, that he doesn’t need recognition, but that is why he should have it because it is for the dogs.   It’s not about praise, publicity, ego building, but for the dogs in need.

Thank you, Jason, for being a hero to Trinity and so many others.

As to questions about the Go Fund funds.  The funds raised will go to pay for Trinity’s cost of surgery, medical boarding, medications, follow up visits, medical supplies, special diet food, ongoing therapy, training, and whatever arises out of the nature of her serious injuries.  Thus far her medical costs are $1996.00 prior to entering Dr. Conroy’s care, this amount will continue to grow prior to the 15th of the monthly billing cycle.

Trinity is battling tick-borne illnesses that require medications, her shaven skin is peeling & cracking around the surgical areas, her genitals and rectum are raw from straining to push out the parasites and urine saturating her; needing medicated ointments.

Being able to provide her with the care and supplies she needs to make a full recovery is a burden lifted through your donations.  The amount of $8 grand was set to raise the down payment on the surgery, to go beyond that and know we can provide so much more in a timely fashion is a blessing thanks to all of you.

Thank you to the people who paid money on Trinity’s bill at the vet, left presents and have called or written with rescue stories to renew our faith in the good of people.

Trinity resting on the journey home tonight.  Stay tuned for more updates as we show you her new set of wheels.  Message from Trinity’s foster Mom.


  1. Great positive update that Trinity is now in the excellent and heroic care of her foster family. May they have the blessings and actions and assistance of all to help them help Trinity to recover on this very long, yet hopeful road, that has already begun. We send our meditations and Universal energy to her new family, to Trinity herself, and to everyone involved. Endurance. Stamina. Forging ahead through long hours and sleepless nights…this family will need all our collective actions and continued monetary and emotional support. Please know that there are so many angels that walk among us on this earth and that there is always Hope and a way.

    Jason Parker…wow…what a true and selfless act of kindness and love.

    DoG Bless Trinity, may she continue to heal and thrive and may the parasites be withdrawn from her body immediately, and may Trinity suffer no more pain, and strengthen through Love, Light, and GoD, and her family.

    In Light and Love that Destroys Darkness…
    Buck&Aspen Heard


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