“The dogs are always telling you what their truth is”~Suzanne Clothier

K9 Enrichment Initiative, Inc. is a all-breed dog rescue that serves to lower the euthanasia rate in Illinois shelters. To provide education on the humane treatment of companion animals and advocacy through community outreach programs.

K9 Enrichment Initiative, Inc. has developed relationships between veterinarians, trainers, massage therapists, swim instructors, foster families and volunteers to enrich the lives of rescued homeless dogs in need of a family.  90% of our intake is the “hard cases”. Dogs who have been passed over due to behavior issues and slated for euthanasia from high kill shelters in Chicago due to lack of space. We work together as a team to restore balance in the dog’s life enabling them to join a family as a loving canine companion.

We believe it’s best to help a financially struggling family keep their dog in their home for the well-being of the dog and their beloved family members. A helping hand in a time of need can often keep a dog from entering the shelter system or finding themselves listed in online ad pages as “free to a good home”.

In the world of animal welfare, people are often quoted saying, “It takes a village”.  We at K9 Enrichment Initiative, Inc. feel it not only takes “a village”, but that it takes “tribes beyond a singular village to work together.”

We call on all tribes in all villages to deliver solutions to challenges. To rescue the homeless, advocate for and lend support to underfunded shelters and communities. Our Southern Comfort Coalition works to provide aid to Southern Illinois rural shelters where dog’s lives are in danger due to lack of medical care, a safe environment, and food.  These shelters often exist on the willpower of their managers and solely on donations.

Our The Power of 3 awareness program operates to shed light on the value of dogs with disabilities and the full lives they will lead. Whether three-legged, two-legged, blind, deaf or in need of daily medications to maintain a quality life, a dog’s ability to love unconditionally need not be diminished.  Disabilities are mere challenges that can be overcome and discarding these dogs marked as “unadoptable” is shameful and far from the truth.  A dog loves whether he has all limbs, can see or hear in the end their heart beats the same.

Being a voice for the voiceless is spearheaded by large non-profits on a global stage, we, however, believe it’s the volunteer-based groups who serve a greater good in reaching out to our local communities and within our state.  Simple grassroots projects and dedicated volunteers have a huge impact in being the change we wish to see on a global scope right in their own backyards.