We truly appreciate the fact that WGN has been highlighting Trinity as we hope people will take notice and become a voice for the voiceless.  The Joliet Slammers baseball club will be hosting Trinity on July 22, 2018, watch this page for when tickets go on sale.  Funds raised from that day will be used in our Southern Comfort Coalition program to feed shelter animals and give dogs like Trinity their second chance.

Abuse, neglect, abandonment happen every single day in our nation, often go unreported.  If you see or know of a dog being abused, neglected or has been abandoned; please contact the proper authorities in your area.  #animalcrueltyendswithme

I do want to clarify Trinity’s story with facts.

Trinity received life-saving care at St. Francis Care Shelter in Murphysboro, Illinois by veterinarian Kay Creese. Dr. Creese made the decision to NOT euthanize Trinity, but instead allow our rescue to take over her care with the promise we would get her to an ER center.

When Trinity arrived in Plainfield, she was rushed to Premier Veterinary Group in Chicago, the ER team did an exam, took further x-rays/scans to ensure no internal damage to her chest or head.  They placed her on pain and antibiotic medication, cleaned and treated her wounds, ran blood tests and began picking off the ticks that covered her body.  Trinity was in their excellent care for 24 hours until she was ready to undergo surgery.

We transported Trinity late Tuesday evening into the care of Plainfield Animal Care Center, where their ER staff monitored her overnight, continued to find ticks, administered her pain medication.

On Wednesday, May 23rd, we transported Trinity to Animal Care Clinic at Randall Pointe where she underwent surgery on the front leg and hind right leg to set the fractured bones.  She then had surgery on Thursday to set the left hind leg fracture.  On Tuesday, May 29th, she underwent a second surgery on the front leg after the plate failed at Animal Care Clinic.

Trinity saw ER vet, Dr. Bolotov at Emergency Services in Lisle late night Thursday who checked her right hind leg after the cast came off the leg.

The next morning a visit to the ER vet at Veterinary Specialty Center, with an orthopedic consultant showed the plate had failed in the hind left leg. Trinity underwent a second surgery on the hind left leg and a revision on the front legs setting.

Trinity is progressing on schedule and now walks outside to go potty, this gives her 5 minutes of PT using the legs and regaining her balance to walk.  She has a harness with belt hoops to enable us to grab ahold for control if she gets wild. 😊

Trinity will not need the quad walker and it will be returned to Gunnar Wheels for use with another dog in need.

When Trinity is able to walk for 45 minutes in 6 weeks, she will begin phase 2 of her rehabilitation.  Her sutures will be removed next week and then she can start massage.  She will be able to get a bath also, something she hasn’t had yet, and we are all looking forward to giving her.  Our baby girl is stinky.

Trinity is a handful right now as she wants to stand up, walk and would run if we let her.  She is feeling better and doesn’t grasp that the bone is not healed but being held together by plates.  She must remain inside her pen and off her legs.

Her foster family is running out of tricks and toys to keep her occupied and inside the pen.  Further proof that she has a massive will to live life to the fullest.

Things About Trinity
-Canned cheese. In taking her medications, she spits out the pills if you hide them in pill pockets, in her food, wrapped slice cheese, peanut butter, etc.  You name it we tried it.  At her vet appointment today to have her splint bandage changed, she passed on the frozen peanut butter Kong but went crazy for canned cheese on a tongue depressor.

-Bark Pops!  White Cheddar Cheese.  She loves them…are you seeing a theme here? If we are sleek enough, we can get a pill into the center of a Pop and sneak it past her.

-Sneaking kisses when you least expect them.  She surprised the vet today a couple times when she turned, looked up and licked her glasses.  Very, very quick and sloppy.

-Scaring her foster Mama as she keeps standing up and trying to get out of her x-pen.  Trinity apparently didn’t read the surgeon’s orders and thinks she should be allowed to run wild, splint and all.

-Goats Milk, the only way we can get her to drink water is to add Goats milk.  She is crazy about it.  We add it to her meals also as it benefits her digestion by adding probiotics to her body.

-Home cooked meals, she gobbles down her organic turkey, rice, sweet potato meal.  I prepared her 4 meals a day for 7 days.  Today I found myself in the grocery store purchasing grass-fed ground beef as well as lamb.  I thought we would switch up the protein in the next batch, paws crossed she goes for it the way she did the turkey.  She prefers the turkey and rice be warmed and then having the sweet potato puree added with a splash of goat’s milk.  I tried feeding it to her without warming, it was sent back to the kitchen.

-Talk to the Paw this is what you get when you do something that displeases her.  She will shun you faster than a Nolan Ryan fastball.  She will stand up and reposition herself with her back to you.  This dog is supernatural, I swear she can read your mind.  Her eyes follow you about the room, she reacts to by turning her head or stretching her neck to see what you are doing.  You will feel her cold shoulder along with the puppy dog sad eyes placing you out of favor.  She is one tough boss.

Trinity has benefited from skilled veterinarians, techs, and surgeons to save one her precious life.  We are grateful to all of them for their contributions to helping Trinity on her journey to being healthy.

Adopt. Foster. Volunteer. Donate. Advocate.

Rescues need you, dogs & cats need you, K9 Enrichment Initiative needs you.

Trinity does NOT have a forever home, we are still taking applications at www.k9ei.dog She is with a foster home during the next 8 weeks of her treatment & care.

(We do not adopt out of state or outside our home base area)

Thank you to those who have donated as you can see from the list of vet’s, we desperately needed funds to pay Trinity’s bills. She will start rehabilitation therapy in 4 weeks after the splint is removed.

For the family she will complete when adopted, every penny is worth the care. She is a truly an amazing dog with a huge heart.


Thank you for your continued concern and support of Trinity.

Cynthia Lynn Guzman, Founder K9 Enrichment Initiative, Inc.




  1. So glad to hear Trinity is making good progress. So many wonderful people doing all they can to bring her back. Thanks for the updates. She is a miracle!


  2. Aw, man, what a story. I am absolutely loving this. My faith in humanity (particularly the dog-loving type) is solidly secured. Trinity, you are the bomb!! (as are Trinity’s caregivers!)


  3. I am so so glad Trinity is conquering and a true beauty fighter! Thank you for all that you have done! One request, can we have an updated picture, because Trina is not at that phase anymore! 🙂


  4. The updates on Trinity give me hope. This World does have many caring people. Thank all of you for what you are doing, not only for Trinity but all dogs&cats who need help.


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