It is with sad hearts that we have learned that Hope’s dad has passed away, leaving Hope homeless. If you have followed our rescue from the beginning, you will remember Hope Love. Hope was our 2nd rescued dog and 1st to come from Chicago Animal Care and Control.

Hope was emaciated to the point of her eyes sunken into her skull, she had cuts and scars all over her body. Her neck had two rings where whatever was used to restrain her had cut deep into the skin. She was found by animal control hooked to a fence unable to defend herself from predators and bad people alike.

Hope loves people, despite all the harm done to her by their hands. She is/was dog reactive no doubt due to the dogs who attacked her and left those cuts, scars, and missing fur.

Not long after taking Hope in, we learned her eyelashes were growing from her glands and with every blink of the eye it replicated a toothbrush being brush across the eye. The pain was she felt was torture and she quickly underwent surgery to remove the offending eyelashes.

Then two years after being with her dad, she developed lumps that needed to be removed. Between the rescue’s help and Live Like Roo foundation we covered the cost of surgery for Hope. She is a survivor and her Dad was relieved to still have his girl.

Now Hope is facing the challenge and counting on us to find her a new forever home to love her to the bitter end.

Name: Hope Love
Gender: Female
Breed: Am. Pitbull Mix
Eyes: Ice blue
Fur: All white
Age: 7 years
Altered: Yes
UTD Vaccines: Yes
Weight: 50-55lbs
Favorite Toy: Chicken Stuffy
Favorite Pastime: Sleeping in her recliner
Favorite Color: Red, she looks fabulous in red collar, harness, coats, sweaters, ect.

Hope enjoyed her kiddie pool, hanging in the yard or garage with her dad while he worked on cars. She would sleep with her dad in the recliner in the living room as they watched television. She would sit on the sofa by the window and watch the world go by.

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  1. You are a true beauty. I see you have a new fan club Awesome. Please post pics as you can.
    Let us know how you’re doing. My daughter has a cousin of yours. Ok maybe twice removed.
    TTYS Goodnight Moon! I want you to know that because every time you see the moon know someone cares for you. Blessings, Aunt Desiree

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