Name: Hope Love

Age: 7 years

Gender: Female

Breed: Am. Pitbull/Boxer X

Weight: 55lb

People: Love them!

Dogs: Nope. Hope has the scars to show from her past life on the streets and no longer trusts other dogs.

Cats: Never been tested, highly unlikely.

When we first pulled Hope from CACC back in 2016, she was ill, riddled with bites and scars, a deep cut to her throat, and fragile from being starved. She waited almost a year to find her forever home. Then in June of 2021 her world came crashing down as her forever home was no more. Her Dad had died at the young age of 53 and she found herself alone in the home.

Hope was grieving, frightened, sad, and upset those first weeks after her Dad’s death. She went into a animal less foster home, but she found no peace there, acting out and being forced to leave.

Broke my heart to see her this way. I begged everyone I knew, including other rescues for help finding Hope a safe place. A dear friend and adopter took Hope into her home, allowing Hope and whoever wants to visit her to stay in the garden apartment of the home. Within days, the old Hope starting shinning through, she had long naps, peace and quiet, and her own space to chill out without strangers around her. She decompressed properly, regained her balance.

At first, Hope had visitors and now, not so much, she has been forgotten by most outside her inner circle. This is not healthy for her as she begins to become depressed. She is a highly social gal with humans.

Please help get the word out there that Hope is looking for a new forever family.

How much more low maintenance can a dog be, than one that lives in her own garden apartment? If you are looking for one special dog and only one, then Hope is your dog. She loves to sleep in a chair, watch tv from a recliner, cozy up to you on the sofa and warm your feet in bed. She will listen to all your woes and remind you of how awesome you are when you need that boost.

To meet and spend time with Hope is to realize angels do walk the earth without wings. Hope needs to vacate the apartment come AUGUST 1ST out of town company is visiting. She will have to be placed into a boarding kennel, something she hates and often became depressed by in her past. A 7-year-old dog is not meant to be alone in a kennel. (no dog is)Please share Hope far and wide, she needs a miracle. There is no quality of life living in a kennel when you are social being.

Dogs Looking 4 Forever Home

Name: Alvin
Gender: Male
Breed: Labrador Retriever/Great Pyrenees Mix (Big Fluffy Puppy)
Age: 11 months
Weight: 65lbs
Vaccinations: Up to Date
Altered: Yes
Microchipped: Yes
Dogs: Social
People: Social
Children: Social, can be rambunctious, so dog savvy children a plus
Cats: Unknown, properly not.

Alvin is a big, rambunctious, fluffy puppy in a big muscular body. He came to us at 5 months, went into a forever home and is now being returned/rehomed due to lifestyle changes in residency.

Alvin will need a fenced yard, active family, savvy dog owner who understands consistency in training, a person with patience to work with Alvin and not attempt to force Alvin to do things. Remember he is “goofy lab” with energy to burn, let him burn it off running in the yard, so he can relax in the house.

Alvin is very smart and did well at basic obedience, however it wasn’t carried over at home and the lesson was lost. Alvin will need a family to start from the get go, as if he is a new born pup and teach him to do things the right way. Remember we are a force and fear free advocate rescue, we do not use punishment as part of training, only positive reinforcement and relationship building exercises.

Despite all his wild childness, he is a lover and looking to become a great dog and family member. Alvin would love a canine sibling to learn from and to play and hang out together.

Alvin is crate trained, but the crate has become a tool to “babysit” him for hours on end, instead of his safe place to hang out. He still likes his crate but is looking for a family who is around to let him be a part of the family.

Dogs Looking 4 Forever Homes

Name: Eva Diva
Age: 7 months
Gender: Female
Breed: American Pitbull Terrier X
Weight: 30lbs
Dogs: Social, tends to bully dogs smaller than her
Cats: Unknown
Children: Social
House and Crate Trained:
85% to goal
Personality: Sassy and Bossy
Vaccinations: Up to date
Altered: Yes

Step back, Eva Diva coming at ya! This little lady is full of Sass and Fras, with a heaping of Bossy! She has been that way since she busted out of the shelter at 10 weeks old. Has a mind of her own and let’s you know what she is thinking.

This little pistol graduated from Obedience class and then ate the pages about being nice to your senior dog brother. What began as a cordial friendship has developed into “beat up on the old man” time as she grew in size and he maintained his small dog stature.

Following months of trying, a move, personal health issues, the family has called “uncle” and asked that she be rehomed to a family that fits with more of her style. She is great with her 1 year old, 55lbs canine brother who can fend for himself against her shenanigan’s.

This little dynamo would do well with larger canine siblings, a fenced yard to run off the energy, and a savvy dog family with patience and time to work with her through her challenges. (Think of your worse adolescent moments, she is after all a teenager in dogs months)

She is fun loving, cuddly, active, happy and looking for adventure. Does that sound like fun? Is that your family? Complete an application and meet Eva Diva!

Dogs Looking 4 Forever Homes

Name: Grady
Age: 8 months
Gender: Male
Breed: Labrador Retriever Hound Mix
Vaccinations: Up to date
Altered: Yes
Dogs: Social
Children: Social
Cats: Unknown
Microchipped: Yes
House trained: Yes
Crate trained: No, free roams home in fosters absence without issue

Grady is a long and lanky young dog with a love for life once he gets past awkwardness of new people and introductions. Takes about 5 minutes and a few treats to become his best friend.

Grady along with his sister Shelby grew up on the backroads of Neosha, Missouri, having been abandoned as young pups. They played with a nearby homes dogs during the day and slept on the homes porch at night for protection and kibble.

This life didn’t expose them to much of a life and a deep black hole of lack of socialization with humans. Grady can be leery of new sounds and environments, so you need to go slow, have patience and make it a positive experience for him to move past it.

The extra care and baby steps with Grady are well worth it as he is developing into a great dog, he will be a top notch companion dog to a lucky family. He currently lives with 4 other dogs of various sizes and breeds, on 3 acres of fenced land, ignores the chickens in the coop, enjoys swimming in the stream and running off leash with the pack.

Grady starts his day going jogging with his foster Mom, it’s great one on one time to work on his leash manners and get him comfortable wearing the harness. Grady has matured over the past months and is ready for his forever family, one with a canine sibling, fenced yard or active family and a whole lotta love.

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