Name: Hope Love (Deceased due to Cancer/Run Free Hope Love)
Age: 8 years
Gender: Female
Breed: Am. Pitbull/Boxer X
Weight: 55lb
People: Love them!
Dogs: Nope. Hope has the scars to show from her past life on the streets and no longer trusts other dogs.
Cats: Never been tested, highly unlikely.

When we first pulled Hope from CACC back in 2016, she was ill, riddled with bites and scars, a deep cut to her throat, and fragile from being starved. She waited almost a year to find her forever home. Then in June of 2021 her world came crashing down as her forever home was no more. Her Dad had died at the young age of 53 and she found herself alone in the home.

Hope was grieving, frightened, sad, and upset those first weeks after her Dad’s death. She went into a animal less foster home, but she found no peace there, acting out and being forced to leave.

Broke my heart to see her this way. I begged everyone I knew, including other rescues for help finding Hope a safe place. A dear friend and adopter took Hope into her home, allowing Hope and whoever wants to visit her to stay in the garden apartment of the home. Within days, the old Hope starting shinning through, she had long naps, peace and quiet, and her own space to chill out without strangers around her. She decompressed properly, regained her balance.

At first, Hope had visitors and now, not so much, she has been forgotten by most outside her inner circle. This is not healthy for her as she begins to become depressed. She is a highly social gal with humans.

Please help get the word out there that Hope is looking for a new forever family.

How much more low maintenance can a dog be, than one that lives in her own garden apartment? If you are looking for one special dog and only one, then Hope is your dog. She loves to sleep in a chair, watch tv from a recliner, cozy up to you on the sofa and warm your feet in bed. She will listen to all your woes and remind you of how awesome you are when you need that boost.

To meet and spend time with Hope is to realize angels do walk the earth without wings. Hope needs to vacate the apartment come AUGUST 1ST out of town company is visiting. She will have to be placed into a boarding kennel, something she hates and often became depressed by in her past. A 7-year-old dog is not meant to be alone in a kennel. (no dog is)Please share Hope far and wide, she needs a miracle. There is no quality of life living in a kennel when you are social being.

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