From the Office of Bailing Out Benji, Illinois Chapter Raquel Melendez and Nikki Ormsby

We are so thrilled to tell you that Illinois has OFFICIALLY gone HUMANE! Governor Pritzker signed HB1711 today and the 20 current puppy-selling stores will have 180 days to transition to a humane model. This means that by the end of February, Illinois will no longer be a top puppy mill importation state. We know that many people have been concerned over who will enforce the bill, but rest assured that our organization is on top of it. Not only do we track puppy mill sales across the country, but our research has been instrumental in finding and exposing the nationwide ‘puppy-laundering’ scheme where puppy mills pretend to be rescues.

Over the next few months we will need your help educating your friends, family and neighbors about where Illinois stores are currently sourcing animals from. The stores can still sell a lot of puppies over the next 180 days, and we need your help to make sure they don’t take advantage of this time frame. Thank you so much for your advocacy and support on this bill! It is because of you and your voice that this bill became law. If you want to share the great news, head on over to our Facebook page!

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