Interested in one of our gems? Complete an application here on the website after reading through the policies, procedures and all about who we are. We have some pretty amazing dogs whose one objective is to be your best companion, love you unconditionally and be loved & cared for until the bitter end.

All dogs are altered, up to date on core vaccinations, microchipped, currently taking Heartworm and Flea/Tick preventative. Our dogs live with family’s preparing for the big moment when they meet their new family. In the meantime, they work on their manners, housetraining, crate training, loose leash walking, and undergoing any medical treatments required to bring them up to their maximum health.

Our dogs eat high quality food brands to fit their nutritional needs provided by The Pet People of Naperville.

The ultimate goal is finding the perfect match for each of our dogs, no matter the breed or background, they all deserve to have happy lives filled with respect and care. We loved them first and we in trust you to love them just as much if not more.


Harlow Grace is a breath of fresh air, she is full of puppy energy who settles down into the most cuddly of cuddly munchkins. Harlow is special needs due to an injury suffered during a nightmarish first 5 months of her life. Harlow will be the most rewarding dog you ever travel through life with by your side. 6 months old.


All Hail TIMBER! He is big, bold, brash, sassy, stunning and squishy…oh so squishy face. Timber is a dyno who loves dogs, people, small people aka children, has no cat issues and is the life of the party.

If you are looking for a best friend who makes a statement, look no further, Big Boy Timber is your dog. 1 year old, hunk of love.

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