We lost Otto earlier this year as the MPS claimed his life and I took the news better than I expected. I knew this day would come, it was a matter of when, not how or why. MPS claims it’s victims young.

I opened the rescues email account and there was a digital “Happy Birthday” card from one of his many vets office. Today is the day that Prince Otto first graced this universe under the loving, nurturing care of his Mom, along with his two littermates.

Today I cried.

Happy Heavenly Birthday Prince Otto! May your body be healed to match the genius of your mind and you are running across the universe as a bright shinning light.

Love you always as you claimed a piece of my heart the first moment I held you in my hands when you arrived on my doorstep.

Founder/Director of K9EI Rescue

Until we meet again…<3

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