Titan and Odin (Placed 5/2/2021)
9 weeks old
These boys came from a litter of 6 pups. Mom is a black Lab/Pit mix and Dad a Am. Staff mix. The boys learned to sit on command today, visited the vet for their first vaccines and check-up. Very well socialized as they lived with their parents until 8 weeks old. Child approved.

Titan and Odin’s Mom & Dad

Aramis (Placed 4/30/2021)
1.5 year old Labrador Mix
Aramis is a looker! He has shiny black/brown fur and soulful eyes. Aramis is dog social, child approved. He wants to be everyone’s friend.

Aramis will have his photoshoot this weekend to give you a better example of how handsome this boy truly is!

1.5 years old
Labrador/Shepherd Mix
Rebelle is a sweetheart who aims to please, she is working on her manners, housetraining and learning to enjoy alone time. Rebelle reminds me of a wild horse, loves to run free and enjoy life, this whole living in a home is new to her; but she has found the joys of living on a sofa.

Apply today to meet this beautiful girl, before you miss out on a diamond in the ruff. (and yes the ears go up and the ears gone down)

Velvet (Placed 5/2/2021)
5 month old Velvet has it all, beauty, smarts, good personality, winning temperament, dog social, child approved.
If you are looking to add a puppy to your family, Velvet is a treasure. She will be an excellent companion to the children, couch snuggler for Netflix bingeing, and even help Dad in the garden. She is the All-American dog for the All-American family.

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