Name: Wilson

Age: ~5 months

Gender: Male

Breed: American Bully mix

Altered: Yes

Core Vaccinations: Yes

Size: Medium

Weight: 35lbs

History: Pulled from CACC. Wilson was picked up as a stray. He is a sweet boy looking for a forever family.

Where is he now?

Wilson’s photo appeared in his future Mom’s Facebook feed and she instantly knew she had to meet this dog, no she had to have this dog as part of her family.  One problem, they lived in Iowa, way outside our 60-mile adoption radius.   This wasn’t going to stop Mom, however, as she wrote to the rescue, listing why Wilson should be part of their family, her resume of experience with a rescue in Iowa as a volunteer & foster.

Having the ability to have a partner rescue we trust already have completed home visits, the founder could speak and vouch for the family and actually asked for us to adopt to them if it was the right fit.  Not many rescues willing to give away a potential adopter for the sake of the right dog.

The day after Christmas, Wilson’s family arrived at his foster home to meet him in person.  Videos, photos, long chats with his foster mom were not enough to stem the tears from flowing as went right to Mom.

Two weeks passed as Wilson adjusted to his foster to adopt home and then on a trip to Iowa, it was made official.  Wilson had his forever family, complete with a cantankerous cat and big brother canine, named Bane.

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