Cairo Today 12-5-2016

Cario’s journey to us began in Cairo, IL on a property where he was discovered tethered by a heinous rope among piles of tires and junk. The police and volunteers had removed three young adult dogs and were about to pull out when Cairo lifted his head from the mud where he had laid.

The volunteers went back and he stood up with their help. He was alive. The ladies loaded him into their vehicle and began making pleas for help to save the dog’s life. Following confirmation of rescue with us, he was taken to a home and placed in an outside kennel where he was fed and watered; that night was his first step towards freedom.

Cairo is named for the city in Egypt which is as far away from Cairo, IL as one can get. The Arabic meaning for Cairo is, “the victorious”. We felt the minute he lifted his head from the mud where he lay, he was telling the universe he wanted to live, he would be victorious over those who caused him pain and suffering. He would live a wonderful life in the comfort of those who loved him and be an excellent addition to the family. #cairo4thewin

The next day two volunteers drove to Cairo to pick him up and transport him to our veterinarian in Naperville, at the Springbrook Animal Care Center. He received immediate medical attention and began his road to recovery. Cairo was infested with fleas, suffered cuts around his body, had a large mass under his neck, suffered from various intestinal parasites and his eyes were badly infected. In one month, his cuts healed, the mass shrunk to nothingness, the fleas and parasites are gone and the infection in his eyes is no more. He underwent his neuter, as well as entropy surgery and is now fully recovered.

Cairo is currently living at the hospital in their boarding kennels and enjoying the abundance of attention he receives from staff and KEI volunteers. Now that he is healed, it’s time we find Cairo a new home. Much to the sadness of the staff who love cuddling with this big guy.

As Cairo has recovered, it became abundantly clear this dog had a family at one point, he is so well adjusted and social towards other dogs & people.  He doesn’t make a mess in his kennel, nor does he destroy stuffed toys or blankets.  Takes treats gently, is gentle when interacting with people of all sizes and is an all around love.  We had scanned for a microchip on his initial arrival but found none.

Cairo after one week at the hospital (sketch photo)

The King has made many new friends and will prove himself to be a loving, loyal, family c0mpanion.


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Cairo today: Victorious!

Cairo Today 12-5-2016
If you are interested in fostering or fostering to adopt Cairo, please complete an application with All Life Is Valuable, NFP. Cairo’s adoption fee is $350
*Note: Fostering to Adopt allows the family & us to determine if he is the dog for them following 15 days in the home.
*All food, medical, supplies for Cairo is provided during fostering. Foster’s must be willing to attend Meet and Greets with Cairo and introduce him to potential adopters. Foster’s may also have to attend training classes with their foster dog.
Name: Cairo
Age: 3 years old
Gender: Male
Breed: Mastiff/Bully Mix
Dogs: Yes (all sizes)
Children: Yes
Cats: Not a fan
Crate Trained: Yes
Housetrained: Yes
Up to date on Vaccinations: Yes
Neutered: Yes
Weight: 70 lbs (still needs to add a few more pounds)

Cairo enjoying living in a foster home, learning new skills and polishing old ones.


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UPDATE: Cairo has been adopted. Secured a dedicated and stunning family of his very own. Completing their world and his.