Hope joined ALIV Animal Welfare Foundation with partners the K9 Enrichment Initiative on March 3rd of 2016. She was picked up as an abandoned stray by Chicago Animal Control when left tied to a fence. Hope then known as A143433 or Happy by CACC volunteers began her stay at the shelter on February 5th, 2016.

She was severely emaciated, covered in cuts all about her body, broken and cracked teeth, an infected tail tip, fur missing from all of her elbows, her ears, chest and urine stains on her legs. As is with every dog brought to the shelter, no one knows what her past life story is, we can only change her future. We can only guess that it was a rough start to life for this beautiful blue eyed girl, but YOU can make her future, one of easy living and lots of cuddling.

Hope’s spirit was never broken. Happy is descriptive of this girls personality. We like to refer to her as a “love sponge”, she just soaks in all you have to give to her and is happy to return it. Hope is known for curling up on your lap and falling right to sleep.  This girl is a major league cuddlier and belly rub aficionado.  She melts like a love puddle right before your eyes.

She is ready and packed to move into a foster or forever home, where she can begin training to be an important member of the family. Her trainer at Springbrook finds her a joy to be around with her winning personality.

Hope with the heart shaped nose, is all about LOVIN’.

Information on Hope

Breed: American Bulldog Mix
Gender: Female
Weight: 40 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Color:  White with cream, brindle spots on derriere
Build: Slender/small
Temperament: Happy
Exercise: below average
Dogs: Yes (Hope prefers calm, peaceful dogs/slow introduction a must), but she does not want to live with any other pets.
Cats: Untested, most unlikely
Children: 6 years plus, children must understand to respect the dog’s space.

Training: house trained, will need to attend Basic Obedience class with foster or new adopter, included in her adoption package.

Environment: Hope currently resides at Springbrook Animal Care Center as part of their foster dog program. She spends her days hanging out with the kennel staff, cuddling and napping with them on breaks, sunbathing but not too long, entertaining visitors and munching on cheeseburgers with ice cream for dessert.

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UPDATE: Hope has been adopted!! Living out her days as a princess of her families world. Completing their hearts and hers.