We have had a busy week, starting off with visiting the executive staff at the Joliet Slammer’s baseball club, I charmed them.  My rescue had already planned to have an event at the ballpark, but now it’s going to be even more special because I am going to be there.  It will be my first public appearance and me, little Trinity Grace from Kentucky will be walking out onto the field in the pre-game to greet the crowd.
I have been working hard on my physical therapy of walking to give strength and balance.  I am now up to 20 minutes of walking twice a day.  The weather has been HOT here in Plainfield, Illinois, so some days we must split it up to more than 2 sessions.  I want to run, but I am told: “No, Trinity”.  I get a lot of those “No, Trinity’s”, you would think “No” was part of my name.

I have become so picky about the food I am driving my foster Mom crazy trying to find things for me to eat, so as of the past week, I am eating Fromm Puppy Kibble with nothing added.  I have tried organic turkey, lamb, chicken, and ground beef all home cooked and I have chosen dry kibble as my go-to meal.  The good thing is that despite all my fussiness I gained another pound this past week.  I am now 20.6 pounds, I eat 4 times a day, a cup of food each time and I am looking better each day.

I had the last two sets of sutures removed from my legs this past Friday evening, Dr. Simon said it all looks good and my fur is even growing back.  My foster Mom rubs ResQ Organics skin treatment into my skin twice a day to promote the healing of my skin and helps the fur grow.  I just might have the softest skin in town right now.

When I am getting my skin treatment, I also get wiped down with baby wipes, have my paws treated with moisturizer and receive a massage with great smelling oils.   Life is good, despite my foster Mom insisting on shoving pills down my throat.  I spit them right out at her.  I feel I am winning this battle.”

I put the S in Stubborn and D in Determination.  Foster Mom says that’s why I survived, “no quit in me”.
I am taking applications for a forever family.  I have lots of energy, I will need training class as I have no manners, on occasion I nip like a puppy and I haven’t been able to meet dogs outside the home.  My foster Mom sings, “You ain’t nothing but a hound dog, tracking all the time” whenever I bark.  I guess that’s her way of saying I’m a hound dog.

I am completely house trained, and crate trained, foster Moms says I’m a genius at learning.  If you add up all the pro’s and con’s, I’m a catch for most any family.  Because I am under the age of 1 year, I cannot be left alone beyond 4 hours.  Puppies locked in cages or left to free roam for hours on end are puppies who become monster young adults.  I would like a fenced yard so when I can finally let go, I can run and run.  I think I like those little people I see roaming the neighborhood, haven’t been introduced yet.

You can apply to adopt me at www.k9ei.dog, it’s a bit of a process, so don’t delay. Don’t forget to buy your baseball tickets for my big day, when together we strike out animal cruelty.
1-Trinity Ballgame-001