Breed: Plott Hound/Terrier/Labrador

Gender: Female

Weight: 85lbs

Size: Extra Large

Age: 2.5

Dogs: Yes, submissive, friendly

Cats: No

Children: Older children due to size

Intake Facility: CACC 11/16, pulled 1/27/2017

Likes: Addison is used to a fenced backyard, going for long walks with her dad and also being left unattended in the home while the family is at work. She would acclimate best to an adult home or home with older teenagers and would like to have a family who is home to give her attention and share in family activities.


History: Tied to pole in alley, children abused her for some time before CACC arrived to take her into the facility. She snapped and growled, had to be dragged by a catch pole. Spent 80 days at CACC in Euth room, marked Caution. Addison needs a 6’ fenced yard for her own protection from children and what she might do to them in response from PTSD. Adult only home with no intention of having children or a home where the children are 13 plus years old.


About K9 Enrichment Initiative, Inc.

K9 Enrichment Initiative, Inc. is a non-profit corporation working in the field of dog rescue, education, advocacy within the Chicagoland and surrounding areas.
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