Fiona’s forever family came to an event to meet Fortino.  One glance from Fiona to her future Dad and it was all over.  Truly a beautiful moment when a dog picks their human’s.

Fiona after being in boarding for months hit the jackpot finding a foster home whose family understood her quirks.  From there she moved into no less than 4 Foster to Adopts homes, met with 3 families and it wasn’t until she was living back in boarding that she found the perfect match.

Fiona moved into her FTA in November and began the slow process of figuring things out with her young puppy pibble brother Bennett.  Lots of parallel walks, training side by side, quiet time in the room on the sofa with the family and two gates separating them from plotting a coup facilitated a lifetime match.

Yesterday was the big day, after a brief review of training tips, hearing how much they loved the hippopitamus, Fiona gave me the signal to put paw to paper.  Fiona is HOME.

Dad & I
MY family (minus Bennett)
My younger brother Bennett and I

Nothing makes us happier than to have adopters update us continuing to build relationships with their dog and challenging the dog to be the best of themselves as they can be.

Fiona’s Mom sent this video to me tonight to show how well Fiona and Bennett are nailing “place” only after one day of practicing.

Lastly, our all-time favorite video of classic Fiona shot by her foster Mom.

Live the good life, Fiona, you are loved.


Name: Fionna Goode

Breed: Am. Staff

Gender: Female

Age: 2

Weight: 50 lbs

Altered: Yes

Vaccinated: Yes

Children: Yes

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Untested

House Trained: Yes

Crate Trained: Yes, not fond of it, but will for a really delicious scooby snack.

History: Fiona joined us from Chicago Animal Care and Control after being picked up wandering the streets. No owner claimed her and we were lucky to have her join our tribe.


Information: Fiona is the perfect ambassador for the breed. She is well mannered, intelligent, intuitive to other emotions, reads other dogs very well, has no issues with handling, and makes an excellent snuggle buddy.

She enjoys a nice walk, but not far. She loves a good roll in the grass and the coolness on her belly as she army crawls along.



Apply today for this All American Beauty!


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