Imogen and Callen
I was speaking to shelter staff about a dog who they have taken in as abandoned after he has lived on the streets for his short life, he is estimated to be 18 months old.
His owner would abandon him and then reclaim only to abandon again.
Callen is deaf and possibly blind, as his eyes look horrific and painful. He is heartworm positive to put the cherry on the top of his woes. Poor guy is a beautiful, cuddly white yellow Labrador mix, with a delightful head tilt. He was failed by humans time and time again, left to suffer, until someone said enough is enough and hid him from his owner after she abandoned him yet again. She has not come to AC to look for him and freedom is a few short days away.

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While arrangements were being made for Callen to be vetted and travel to us via personal transport, this little pittie girl came into the picture.
Imogen has been run over by a vehicle driven by her owner, left for dead in the street by her home. AC wasn’t notified to retrieve dog until 3 days later when they discovered she was alive, unable to move and covered with insects feasting on her. Vet diagnoses: a fractured pelvis, he feels it is repairable by an orthopedic specialist.
The owner claimed she thought it was one of her kid’s toys. She refused to open the door at her home and sign the surrender form for the AC officer until today with the help of the sheriff’s police.

In what world is this okay?

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Shades of our Trinity, Kyla, Ivy April, Fortino, Ismael, Bristol, Clair, Ingrid & Astrid, Jessie, Audrey, Cairo, Hope and Sugar.

Dogs badly broken, abused, neglected, ill and left for dead. They survived and thrived under our guardianship and with the best of the best medical teams, all our support & positive energy let’s help Imogen and Callen do the same.

How could I say no to them when they needed us?

A private pilot has stepped up and will be flying her to the Joliet airport on Saturday or Sunday depending on the weather.
She will need to be transported to a critical care hospital where her pain can be managed and she receives care until a specialist can examine her and advise a treatment plan.
If you find this hard to stomach, think how these dogs feel? Please share on your pages, set up Facebook fundraisers for K9 Enrichment Initiative, encourage your friends, co-workers & family to reach your goal.
If 20 people set up fundraisers for $200 and hit their goal that is $4000 for Imogen to be admitted into critical care. Anyone who fundraises and hits $200 or more will get a free K9 Enrichment Initiative t-shirt from our swag.
I am in need of funding and I can’t do it alone, I need people championing our rescue and the dogs we all hold dear.  Sometimes second chances are miracles for the dog and the person who brings them into their family.  
Direct donations to cover the costs of admitting Imogen into a critical care center can be made to

If you are able to provide a foster home for Callen, please contact me at  Callen is dog-friendly, people cuddling buddle of love.

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