These 5 dogs are littermates.  Their Mother is a Labrador Retriever Mix, the father(s) are unknown.  They are currently 7 weeks old on April 11th.

They are owner surrenders, whose dog is the Mother.  They have lived with their Mom and other dogs in the yard.  They are being vetted and will be arriving on April 16th. They will be available to move into their new Foster to Adopt homes starting April 25th.  We want them to go into a foster home to determine their personalities, get them cleaned up, and acclimated to being indoors.

You can place an application for the dogs starting today, please note that there will not be any group meet and greets.   These are the only photos we have of the dogs.

Due to the COVID-19 virus and current state of affairs, we have changed our adoption protocols in accordance with safety practices.

There is a $200 dollar non-refundable deposit on all puppies under 6 months of age.
All dogs under the age of 1 year must attend force-free/positive reinforcement training.  We have a trainer who is offering a discount on online training to K9EI puppies and dogs.  The vet hospitals are banned from spay & neuter surgery, we will schedule the dog and you will have to be patient as dates are being booked in the next month and beyond.

The rescue covers their exam, updating vaccinations appropriate for their age, fecal & heartworm/lyme disease tests, rabies and microchipped.

My name is CALLIE    ADOPTED


My Name is Morton  ADOPTED

My name is Leah  ADOPTED


My name is Piper ADOPTED


My name is Mack ADOPTED


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