Gabriel (Gabe) No Longer Available

Gabe is a handsome hunk at the age of 6, who is social with dogs and people. Gabe is being treated for Heartworm Disease, the rescue covers the cost, you care for the dog. Gabe is an excellent companion and roommate. Never complains and is happy to be part of the crew.


Cosmo is a 2-year-old stunner with his white fur and perfectly coordinated markings. He is an absolutely luscious dog with a sweet demeanor looking to find his forever best friend. The shelter reported that Cosmo has shown some signs of separation anxiety, but we will not know until he has a hero open their home to him. Often behaviors exhibited in a shelter environment do not translate to a dog being in a loving, safe, secure setting in a home. Shelters are very stressful for dogs.


Our contact partner in Southeast Missouri learned that Snow was the only dog at a rural shelter, left behind after other dogs had moved on. She, nor I could stand the thought that this poor girl was all alone in shelter waiting for help far too long.

Snow will be going into a foster home on October 17th for two weeks and then she will need another foster or foster to adopt home.

Snow is dog and people social, has a nice personality and looking for her people who will never leave her to fend for herself or be forgotten.


Myrtle is new to the shelter, but won everyone over immediately with her winning personality. Myrtle is a little beat up from neglect, but we know with proper nutrition, medical attention and love, she will blossom physically to match her good nature.

Diego James and Reuben are still waiting for their forever families from the last transport.

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  1. Hello.
    Could you tell me a little bit more about Snow?
    What kind of mix is she; age; size?
    She looks to have a sweet personality?


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