First up is Dahlia and Velvet
4 month old, Labrabulls.

They could easily be mistaken for black bear cubs if we didn’t know better. How adorable are they? Sister’s surrendered to the animal shelter after not selling. Their handler writes that they are “sweet, adorable, friendly, all-American puppies”.

If you are interested in meeting the girls, please complete an application at (this site) and we can arrange for approved adopters to meet these darlings.

Dahlia & Velvet

Prince and Princess have been placed.
Next up Prince and Princess, 7 week old siblings, surrendered to the shelter at 6 weeks. They have been having a blast at their foster home and will be ready to move on in 2 weeks. Get your application in now!

They love to play, sleep, eat and yes they are still at that age where they qualify as “poop machines”.

We aren’t sure of the breed(s), we All-American breed is best guess at this age.

Hege has been placed.
Lastly, we have the “love sponge” Hege (pronounced rhyme’s with Lege) This sweet 2 year old is a diamond in the rough. She is gentle with her mouth taking treats, she leans into you for pets and almost immediately drops for belly rubs. She sits on command and comes running right to you when called.

Hege needs to lose some weight, she is a full figured gal who needs to slim down to her super model size for the sake of her health.

She has the softest eyes and looks up at you as if you are the best thing since sliced bread. Hege makes friends easily and wants you to love her as much as she loves you.

Give Hege a chance, apply today to set up an appointment to meet this great dog!

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