Questions and the answers to those questions you might be considering before donating.

Why Missouri?  K9 Enrichment Initiative has always done outreach work since our inception.  We have helped small shelters throughout Illinois, in Tennessee, and now Missouri.  

Our founder has always felt that pulling dogs was not enough, that we could do more to help the dogs while in the shelters care.  Spread the wealth to those rural shelters underfunded and lacking local resources. 

We are very fortunate to be in northern Illinois where pet supply stores are abundant, a rescue food pantry (Chicago Rescue Pack) operates, and we can draw from donors from a large populous of dog lovers.

Imagine being a shelter without cleaning supplies, with a poor grade of food, no medical care, no volunteers, no treats, no toys, no enrichment to keep the dogs sane.

Now imagine that dogs are moving pretty regularly to rescues, the stay at the shelter is less then a month, you are able to intake other dogs in need, you’re holding your own against Covid restrictions.  Then suddenly it’s 2022 and rescues can’t take the dogs due to lack of adopters, fosters and funds.  The shelter fills up, soon your doubling dogs in kennels, taking dogs home, boarding dogs because euthanizing dogs for space doesn’t set well with you as a person. 

Young dogs with a full life ahead of them, dogs who deserve as much of as chance as any other dog.

Day in and day out of being told “no space”, “sorry can’t help”, “we need to shift our focus elsewhere”, your “hope” is beaten down into the gravel and dirt surrounding your shelter. 

You don’t want to euthanize them, but now you have more mouths to feed, more cleaning to do, one person attempting to get the dogs out of the kennels into the sunlight and fresh air on part time hours.  You notify your boss at the Police department, and it falls on death ears.  As far as they are concerned the whole lot of dogs could be euthanized and they won’t lose a wink of sleep.

K9 Enrichment Initiative pulls the dog in dire need, and we give aid & support to shelters drowning in despair. Distance doesn’t matter when it comes to saving dogs lives, people donate to national organizations, why not to a small rural shelter?

How do you know the shelter will use the funds for it’s purpose?  K9 Enrichment Initiative intends to work with the shelter laying out priorities and plans to make the necessary changes to keep dogs safely contained.  We will manage the budget, make choices on quality and cost of products and installment. 

We have been working in this area for the past 4 years, we intend to see this project through to ensure change for the betterment of the dogs.  The situation is dire right now and winter is on its way. 

Your donation will make a huge difference in the dogs who currently live at the shelter and future residents.  Please join us and make change happen, start by clicking on the photo to be redirected to the fundraiser page.

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