Just when we thought we could make it out of 2022 without further damage, our little Pinot has Strangles.

“Puppy strangles is a rare skin condition most commonly diagnosed in puppies. It is also called juvenile cellulitis, sterile granulomatous dermatitis, or lymphadenitis. Strangles is characterized by sudden-onset facial swelling (especially of the muzzle and eyelids) followed by swollen lymph nodes in the neck.”

Pinot is under the expert care of Veterinary Specialty Center, whose doors never close despite the holidays, and is receiving 24 hour care in the Intensive Care Unit. They have begun an IV cocktail of asteroids, antibiotics and liquid nutrition. The vet on her case has suggested she will be with them for two days of round the clock care while we wait to see if the inflammation begins to subside, the antibiotics will be fighting the infection around her eyes & muzzle which caused the pustules.

The estimate is $1500-$2100 for two days of ICU care.

Pinot is in pain with her mouth swollen closed with her lymph nodes inflamed and enlarged. The ICU team is best suited for keeping her comfortable and on the road to recovery.

If you are inclined we would appreciate a donation for her emergency medical care.

Venmo.com/K9EI4LIFE, or visit PayPal on this website or you can donate directly through our Facebook page donate button.

Please keep little Pinot, just at 6 weeks old in your thoughts for a full and uneventful recovery. Life is just beginning for her, we hope for her to have many more Christmas’s with a family to call her own as a healthy dog.

We will update when we have more news on her progress.

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