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Etta Jane joined the KEI family of dogs on June 15, 2017 via North Chicago Animal Control.  She was found wandering the streets with ropes and cable wire tired around her petite body.  She had consumed 3′ of rope and during her first two days at animal control, she managed to pass it in 2 pieces.  A true blessing in that the rope didn’t cause any damage to her stomach or intestines.

EJ is a beautiful girl with a gentle temperament and sweet personality.  She leans in for pets and after warming up to you, she’ll find a way to curl in your lap while doling out kisses.

Stay tuned for more about Etta as she makes her journey to her forever family. Currently, she is looking for either a foster home or a foster to adopt home.  Etta does not appear to have been trained on basic commands, but is very well mannered and follows directions.

Etta Jane’s Basic’s

Gender: Female
Breed: American Pitbull Terrier
Weight: 44.6 lbs
Size: Medium

Updated:  Etta Jane is HOME!

Etta Jane graduated Basic Obedience and stole her foster family’s hearts while building the bond working together.  EJ lives with her two Mom’s, 3 human siblings and the cat named Toby.

EJ has matured from a small, emaciated pup kept tied on a rope outside to a full figure gal living the good life with her family.  She has a large fenced backyard to run, a nice deck to sunbath on and even gets to run errands with her mom when she works from home.

Fostering saves lives and sometimes it leads to new family members.


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