Sugar came to us when she was found tied to a bench in the Andersonville neighborhood of Chicago.  Taken in off the streets by good Samaritans, she suffered from severe emaciation.  A quick visit to the veterinary hospital revealed no microchip with no tags on her collar and video footage of her being left behind, she officially became a stray.

We were contacted to ask for advice and within the week we had taken custody of this beautiful girl and placed her in a veterinary hospital to recover.  A month into recovery she was not putting on weight as expected by receiving 3 meals a day.  A second dose of parasite treatment was administered and finally a week later she slowly showed signs of adding pounds.

Sugar became restless in the hospital boarding suites, despite lots of attention, time alone in the playroom and outside, a bed, blankets and plenty of treats.  Then one day her potential foster family visited her at the hospital.  It was at that moment that we realized that Sugar’s purpose in life is to be a child’s best friend.

She went right into the sit position for Audri who would become her foster child and never left her side the entire visit.  She even snagged Audri’s coat from the chair and wanted to lay on it.

Shortly afterwards, Sugar moved in with Audri, her 3 year old male Pittie named Chico and her new foster parents.  She has been Audri’s shadow and Audri has proven to be Sugar’s guardian angel, teacher and best friend.

Today she is a healthy, happy 55 lbs of unconditional LOVE who is a total rockstar in her obedience training class. She has also learned a few tricks she does with her foster mom when she wants to show off.

She is constantly by Audri’s side and has proven a good friend & playmate to Chico.  She enjoys a morning jog with foster mom and evening walks with Chico and the family.  A good game of tug with Chico and watching television with Audri.

Information on Sugar

Breed: All American Dog/American PitBull

Gender: Female

Weight: 55 lbs

Build: Medium

Age: Est. 1 2/2 to 2 years of age

Color: White with cream markings

Eye Color: Amber

Children: Yes

Dogs: Yes (slow introductions)

Cats: Not Tested/Trainer suggested no cats based on her reaction in hospital

Exercise: Average

Energy Level: Average, she has a lot of cuddly couch potato in her.

Personality: Sassy, Fun and Sweet

Environment:  Sugar is currently fostered in a home without a fenced yard.  She is either walked on a lead in the yard for potty breaks or she is on a tie out with the family right there.  She is never left unattended.  Obviously a home with a fenced yard is optimal, however if you can properly exercise her, she does adapt to her environment.  She goes for walks and sometimes even will jog with her foster mom.

Training: Basic Obedience at For Your K9, Inc.

UPDATE: Sugar has been adopted and completed a family of her very own.

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