Name:  Maggie
Age: 6years
Gender: Female
Breed: Mixed
Spayed: Yes
Vaccinations: Yes
Size: Medium
Weight: 55 lbs
Likes: Since being in her foster home Maggie has shown she enjoys family walks around the neighborhood with her canine foster siblings. Her and foster Dad enjoy cuddling, hanging out in the backyard or in his home office. Maggie is gentle natured, well mannered, and enjoys the company of her people. Since Maggie is a young senior girl who has only known life with her former owner, we feel it’s best she be in a home with children 12 years plus. She also prefers quiet dogs who won’t get in her face or disturbed her while resting. She is a chill gal and prefers her housemates to be the same.

Maggie came to KEI when her homeless owner traveled to Illinois from the southern area of the country, they had been living in his car. He contacted the rescue in hopes of finding a foster to care for her until he could find work and a place to live.

When we met Maggie for the first time at the veterinary hospital for an exam and bring her up to date on vaccinations, it was discovered she was in bad health. Maggie was suffering from a skin infection causing loss of fur down her back and legs, she had two severe ear infections, a yeast infection on her paw pads and perhaps the most worrisome, a protruding lump in her throat.

She began treatment immediately and the CBC showed some slight irregularities in her blood and organ function. Without a foster home for Maggie to move into at that time, and us not wanting her sleeping in a freezing garage, she moved into the hospital.

Within a month, her fur was growing back, her paw pads were cleared, she began gaining weight, after a second deep ear cleaning & more antibiotics, the ears cleared. At this time Maggie moved in with a loving couple and their 3 small dogs. Maggie doesn’t mind them, but boy do they like getting in her face. The solution, Maggie has her part of the house, the 3 amigos have theirs. Maggie really doesn’t mind as long she gets playtime with her foster dad or can curl up by his desk in the office.

In mid-February, Maggie went into surgery to remove the lump from her throat and have a deep dental cleaning to remove any infection in her mouth. Gratefully the lump proved to be benign. Her blood results showed improvement in her overall health and she is now ready to find her new forever family.

Update: February 12, 2018 /From Foster Mom
Maggie is one of the nicest dogs you could ever adopt to be a part of your family. She is very good natured & gentle, & she knows her manners. Maggie is completely potty trained, doesn’t do any destructive chewing, & only barks when the doorbell rings! She enjoys napping, playing catch in the yard, walks, & just simply being close to family. Maggie has a calm, loving, gentle personality, very eager to please, but she won’t back down to our aggressive, smaller dog. She honestly is a sweetheart & deserves a family who can provide a safe, stable, loyal forever home for her, you won’t be sorry