Saul 1.jpg

Breed: Sheltie Mix

Gender: Male

Size: 20 pounds

Age: 1-year-old

Likes: Other dogs, cats, children, and loves walking on a leash.

Update: April 29, 2018

Saul’s owner’s home was being foreclosed on and he had no way to care or take Saul with them.  We had a transport heading north to us with the Cairo Pup Litter aboard and we agreed to have Saul join along.

Saul is an amazing little character of a dog and made each person he met part of his fan club.  His biggest fans turned out to be his temporary foster home.  Saul moved into their home to begin adjusting to a new way of life and to prepare for heartworm treatment.

Saul never left.  He won his new home and family within the week.  Saul has completed his Lymn and heartworm disease treatment. Living the good life in Northern Illinois with is