The Basics

Dog Age: 1 to 1.5 years estimated

Dog Breed: American Staffordshire

Gender: Male/Neutered

Weight: 65lbs (rock solid)

Vaccinations: Up to date & taking Heartgard preventative.

Microchipped: Yes

Housetrained: Yes

Crate Trained: Yes

Dog-Friendly: Yes

Cat-Friendly: Not tested

Child Approved: Yes

In interviewing Henry on Monday, it quickly became apparent that he is excited to be alive, living in a home, 3 square meals a day and a comfy bed to himself.

Henry came from life on a rope to a stray on the run, it’s no wonder he is enjoying the good life. Sit back and enjoy this quick read and think about whose family would he be a perfect fit as a new member.

 When I grow up I want to be: part of the coolest forever family EVER.

My favorite treat: everything!!! I love to eat!

My favorite toy: game puzzles and tug toys

My favorite quote is: “Be a fruitloop in a bowl of Cheerios”

My favorite playtime activity: playing tug of war with my rope

My nickname is: Bubby

I look really cute when I: roll on my back to get belly rubs

I am really good at: sitting for a treat

I am sometimes afraid of: Nothing! Let’s Go!

Coolest thing I have done is: my foster Dad let me model in one of the new crates/end tables he built. Check me out in the photo gallery.

My toughest challenge so far has been: Slowing down to listen.

The type of family I am searching for: I like my foster Mom, she works hard with my training and rewards me with treats, but I love hanging with my foster Dad. I think I’m what humans call “a man’s man”, but in dog form.

I would love to have a playmate to wrestle with and run like the wind. My canine foster sibling is a senior gal and she gets tired of me pestering her to play. She asked the rescue for me to be removed, so if you are not ready to adopt but interested in fostering, can I crash at your home?

A fenced in yard to keep me contained would be a bonus, otherwise, I would be happy to walk you around the neighbourhood.

Training: I am house and crate trained, my foster Mom has to go to work for 9 hours a day. I mind my manners and kept my crate clean. We attend obedience class on Saturday’s which can be a struggle when I refuse to pay attention. My foster Mom says I am a smart boy, but I just don’t listen.

I can’t help it, it’s like one minute I am doing my thing and then the next minute I’m like, “Oh look a squirrel”. Old habits are hard to break, I have never had to behave and live in a home.

My rescue says I need a family who will be patient and consistent with my training. There’s a really great dog inside of me waiting to come out all well-mannered.

A bonus is that I am already blessed with chiselled good looks.


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