We are so blessed that Imogene’s foster Mom is a retired Veterinary Technician and still has ties with veterinarians in the Galena, Illinois area.  Within the next hour, 10:30am, Imogen will be undergoing surgery to repair her fractured pelvis.  Finally, the pain and suffering will stop and she will begin her journey of recovery.

The surgery today is estimated between $3000-$4000 dollars and we are a long way from our goal fundraising.  We will need to make a 50% payment in the next 15 days and then two remaining payments to clear the bill.

I thank everyone who has donated and a huge shout out to those of you who set up fundraisers yourself and are rallying friends & family to donate.

Please send prayers, energy and whatever juju you can muster to sweet Imogene.

Donations can be made through Facebook donate button or directly to our PayPal Giving Fund each dollar gets us closer to our goal.

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