Imogene underwent surgery yesterday morning and came through it with flying colors.  Her surgeon was very pleased with the way the surgery went as she was able to pull the fractured bones back into place adding a plate for strength.

Imogene will now face her next challenge, SIX WEEKS OF CRATE REST.


She was very excited to see her foster Mom and ready to leave the hospital today.  This smooshy faced angel lays on the charm 110%.  Her adoptive family is going to be very fortunate to have her join their family.

Imogene Grace is, of course, soaking up all the love she is now receiving in her foster home and from those at the hospital who cared for her during her stay.

Shout out to Dr. Christy Moris of Veterinary Associates of HazelGreen in Galena and      Dr. Kristi Sandman her surgeon who made time in her schedule to travel to Galena and operate on Imogene asap.

Please continue to share her fundraiser, we are almost at the 50% mark which will pay the downpayment.  We still need to raise funds to make the next two payments and clear the bill.

Thank you to everyone praying, the support of sharing her fundraiser and the donations given in her name.

When I sat in the vet parking lot after being told her overnight stay would be $2500 and I had to take her out of the hospital because I could not pay that; I felt hopeless and in despair looking at this sweet dog’s face.  By Sunday morning people were rallying to get the down payment and my spirits were uplifted, now even with a big debt to pay still, I am relieved that she is on the road to recovery.  Imogen is going to walk, run, roll in the grass and be loved because people like you didn’t let me give up and rallied for her.



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