Thank you to everyone for your prayers, good juju and support of our tiny rescue with the really awesome dogs.  🙂

First up is Imogen Grace who had surgery last Tuesday and is in recovery mode.  We gratefully raised half of her bill and need to raise another $1500 to pay it off completely.  Please share her fundraiser or start one of your own on FB, choosing K9 Enrichment Initiative as the charity.  Your family, friends, and associates are more likely to donate to a fundraiser that you feel passionate about vs one you share.

I speak with Imogene’s foster Mom daily and her whole family is in love with our little lady.  Imogene is one in a million, to have survived the fracturing of her pelvic bone, not given up hope lying there being eaten by ants and flies, and then made the flight here to Chicago without showing she was in pain.  She reminds me of our Trinty Grace who had the 3 fractured legs and showed no quit in her.  Trinty lives a beautiful life with a loving family today and I look forward to the day I sign Imogene’s adoption papers and she too is living the dream.

Imogene’s foster family, Mom, Dad, daughter, and son all agreed they wanted to step up and help Imogene recover and prepare for her new life.  This type of dedication should be applauded, fostering saves lives, fostering an injured dog is going one step above.

Thank you to the Haven’s Family, who are hosting a photo fundraiser event in Galena to contribute to Imogene’s care.  If you are in the area, be sure to stop by and join the fun.


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Wilfred or Wilie as he is affectionately called by his foster Mom, has found his home right where he has been since he was surrendered by his owner at the shelter.  Foster Mom Michelle and family have decided that Wilfred has become such a part of the family it would be silly for him to leave at this point.

Wilfred came to us in bad shape, his fur was shaved to remove the matted mess only to discover there was a frail 18 lb dog where a 30lb dog should have been.  He has a serious heart murmur, kidney disease, and a mouth of rotting teeth.  We have treated him for infections and he worked hard gaining his weight back to reach 30 lbs, we ran a complete blood test on Saturday (waiting for results).

Together with his foster Mom, we decided the best course of action for Wilfred is no action.  To place him under for surgery could cause death, placing him under surgery and have him survived the timely surgery of removing all his teeth could open him up to aspirating bacteria and surviving a life-threatening infection.

Wilfred is happy, well cared for, loved unabashedly and is a local celebrity in his hood.  This is how Wilfred should live out his life, enjoying each moment and soaking up the love his prior family didn’t show him.

Wilfred is inherited himself an amazing Mom and Dad, with canine siblings.  His foster Mom asked for him to be pulled from the shelter the moment she saw his photo, no questions asked, just “save him and I will foster”.  Being an experienced foster family they understood it would be a challenge to nurse Willie back to health so that he is enjoying life once again.  I am grateful that Michelle saw the diamond in the rough and has stuck with this old grumpy man day in and day out.  That’s what the human-canine connection is all about, love & understanding.


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Nala (formerly Hanna) with the soft eyes came to us like a hot mess, she made Willie look good in his shelter photos.  This poor girl was surrendered at the shelter and her paperwork stated because “she smells”.  Takes a heartless subhuman to stand there surrendering a dog claiming she smells when you are the reason she does.  We were thankful that Nala was escaping this woman and we could be the ones to give her a shot at a second chance.

Nala underwent surgery to remove 16 teeth, shaved to her skin to remove the filthy fur matted with feces and urine stains.  We discovered she was also missing part of her ear. Nala has a heart murmur and she had a cough that was treated with antibiotics.

When Nala hit the jackpot of fosters when alumni Stanley Goldfish’s family agreed to take in the little old lady.  It was then that her foster Mom noticed that the cough was persistent and felt something wasn’t right.  A trip to U of W Madison Vet Clinic to see a cardiologist determined the heart was fine despite the heart murmur and that she was suffering from pneumonia most likely due to aspirating bacteria during her dental surgery.  Four days later, another trip to the clinic to see an Internal medicine vet for moving radiographs to discover Nala is suffering from a collapsing trachea.  Nala will spend the rest of her life on medication and is expected to live a full life in her senior years.

If you are interested in bringing Nala into your family, please complete an application at  Nala is being fostered outside Milwaukee, WI where she currently spends her time hanging with the family, checking out the backyard with her foster canine siblings and stealing Stanley Goldfish’s bones.


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Our last medical case to join the tribe is Callen.  He arrived with Imogene and is currently being fostered by our fellow rescue partner Perfect Paws Animal Rescue’s founder Kirstie.

Callen is an 18-month-old, male Labrador mix who is deaf and blind.  His fur is white with clumps of yellow, his eyes are blue and he is the most loving dog who lived his life being mistreated and abandoned by his owner.  I won’t call her “his family” because a family doesn’t treat a member the way she did with Callen.  I am amazed at his wonderful personality and the fact that he loves other dogs, cats, kids, and adults.  Callen is an earthly angel dog.

I am privileged to be facing the challenge of helping Callen on his journey to the perfect forever home where he will never be put out on the street again.

Callen is waiting to see an ophthalmologist for us to determine if his eyes need to be removed, the right eye has rolled back into his head. The left eye is clouded and he shows no reaction to objects being in front of him.

Callen will be needing a home with a fenced yard for his safety, a family with patience to learn how to communicate with him and a canine sibling who will be his leader and best friend.

To meet Callen is to fall madly in love with Callen.  Earth angel dog. Period.

Reach out to us at to learn more about Callen.


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Upcoming adoptions this week include, Pacquiao, Taavi, Marcus, Darby, Fallon, Ziva, Victoria, and Nina.

Moving into Foster to Adopt homes, Eden.

Please consider a donation to help pay off our high vet bills as we can’t save more of these beautiful, handsome, loving dogs until the bills are paid.  Thank you for standing by and supporting our tribe. 

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