Gender: Female
Age: 10 months
Breed: Am. PitBull Terrier X
Vaccines: Up to date
Altered: Yes
Housetrained: 95% forgets to ask to go out when she is involved in play
Crate trained: Yes
Training: attended private one on one sessions with a trainer, will need to attend Basic manners class with adopters.
Energy: High-level puppy
Temperament: No aggression, no guarding behaviors
Personality: Fun, loving, enjoys playing tug, fetch, nose work with her people.  She enjoys her antler for quiet time to help her quell her chewing desire.

We took custody and she immediately went to our vet and stayed in boarding while they vetted her.  She had a missing patch of fur towards the backend of her back.  She had fleas and was treated at CACC, but apparently had scratched herself itching, causing an infection.  Topical antibiotics cleared up the infection and her fur grow back over a couple months.

Alda was also malnourished and in need of gaining weight before she could be altered.  She had weighed a mere 18lbs and at her time of spay, she weighed 28lbs.  She is fully grown and is petite, slim and muscled.

She went into a home as a Foster to Adopt for 2 months and then was returned due to her high energy puppy play.  Alda will do best with dogs her size or larger, she tries to herd smaller dogs.

Alda has lived with her foster now for 2 months and works on training with her foster and with a trainer daily.  Her puppy nippiness has stopped, she is working on mastering her basic commands of sit, stay, down, down-stay, come.  Alda enters her kennel with the cue “kennel up”.

She likes to awake and start her day between 7:00 am and 7:15 am.  She is the house alarm clock, she will start whining to wake everyone up to get the day started. She goes to bed at 10pm.

If you are interested in a mini-stick of dynamite who is incredibly intelligent with lots of cuddles to share, please apply at

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