This is Delilah.
Delilah is an American Pit Bull Terrier
Delilah was surrendered to the shelter.
Delilah was known as Nala at Chicago Animal Care & Control.
Nala was set to be euthanized at 1-year-old on January  27th of 2017.
K9 Enrichment Initiative was in the process of making our first intakes from the shelter.
A photo had been posted of her in her kennel and it burned into the heart of a board member.
We loaded 6 dogs into the van and headed for home, the shelter was closing. Right after entering the on-ramp, the smitten board member exclaimed, “We forgot to meet Nala”.
I exited the highway at the next opportunity and we raced back to the shelter. Frantically we searched for the Executive Director at the time, Susan Russell. She agreed to remove Nala from the euthanasia list and give us the opportunity to meet Nala on Monday when we could return. Whoa, close call.
We arrived first thing Monday morning at the shelter, took Nala outside to get to know her and quickly decided she was leaving with us. She didn’t care for other dogs, she was a wild child, she could be mouthy, she jumped up on a stone wall walking across and jumping down into the mud,  we had to have her join our tribe.
Nala became Delilah right then and as easily as us changing her name, she changed our lives.
Delilah is undeniably unforgettable.
Delilah lived for a year in boarding at the vet, she would go on field trips, sleepovers, foster care, training classes, whatever it took to keep her happy and sane; until a family came along for her.
Many a person fell for her, but they already had a dog(s) in the family.

Delilah modeled for the Bryan and Amanda Bickell Foundation calendar “Bick’s “Pits”.

A month later
she went into foster care and her foster mom fell in love. Delilah was adopted after 6 months and lived a life of dog walkers, made a friend in a Doxy, and kept her Mom on her toes. Unfortunately, her Mom’s life changed suddenly and she moved out of state asking us to take Delilah back.
Delilah moved back to boarding, went back into her old pattern of field trips, sleepovers, training, foster care, whatever she needed it was provided.
Then out of the blue, I received a text asking if Delilah was available.

Delilah moved in.
Delilah convinced the cat to play nice.
Delilah loves her young girl.
Milo the cat’s health improved, his stress level actually went down.
She stole the family’s hearts as she had when her Mom first seen her photo at CACC.
After all this time she had not forgotten about Delilah.

Delilah took the long road home.

Delilah is not only a Diva, but she’s also a Daddy’s girl.
Delilah’s Mom is a Pitbull Mama, “Don’t mess with her baby”.

Say it with me, Delilah is home!

Nala at the shelter, in December 2016

Delilah CACC Photo

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Together we make a difference in the lives of the dog and those who commit their hearts forever.   Delilah touched many people’s lives and in exchange, they fought for her to reach this day.

Delilah is special, like every other dog waiting behind the bars of a shelter kennel, they just need someone to give them a chance.  They are not broken, dangerous or incapable of love.  They are shining opportunities to find our humanity and know unconditional love.

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