There is one thing for sure in life and that is it’s not easy. We all find a moment in time in our lives when we must reach out for help. For dear sweet Harlow that moment is now. This little princess is in search of a home where she will get the opportunity to have love lavished on her, and her family will receive more than they give. Harlow has suffered a trauma to the head that has left her with neurological issues. What does this mean for her and her future parents? Part of her recovery and long term care includes, Keppra an inexpensive anti-seizure medication, and she has not had a single seizure on this medication.

Imagine a life starting out like this: * Stray at 5 weeks * Aspiration pneumonia w/upper respiratory infection * Rib fractures * Trauma to the head * Toad toxin infection * Excessive bouts of diarrhea in the first 3 months of life

This little princess has not let any of this stop her in her recovery, and recovery has been good! Not only will she make any castle complete, she will rule with a gentle nature and grace that is well beyond her years. She is looking for a queen and king with loyal subjects that will attend to her needs with the same grace she will respond with. Imagine waking up to this dainty miracle as she goes about her business learning something new everyday. Even more important getting to teach her all the new things she is curious about. Setting up a royal routine for her is the key to this heiress, and once she connects she will be the bell of the Ball!

As with all young heiresses to the throne they go through rigorous training and learn their proper etiquette. Harlow is no exception. Harlow has gone through intensive one on one training and has come so very far in her princess training. She knows, “place”, “sit”, “down”, “off”, comes when called.

Harlow is independent and likes to sleep in her own Kuranda bed, and I guarantee that this princess will know if there is a pea in her bed no matter how many mattresses. Harlow prefers fresh flannel blankets each night, turning in at 9pm. She sleeps through the night and enjoys taking her meals from a Kong wobbler where she uses her brain and feeds her tummy.

Please open your hearts to a miracle! When one of us needs help we all answer the call. The adoption phone is ringing and its time to give Harlow her Happily ever after!

Apply for Harlow online today and begin the process of having her join your kingdom.

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