Hope Love developed a cancerous tumor in 2018 while in her adoptive home. We contacted Live Like Roo asking for financial aid to help cover the cost of surgery. In a matter of days a payment was made at the hospital and Hope underwent her surgery.

Her adoptive Dad was so grateful, Hope Love meant everything to him and to lose her due to lack of finances to cover the surgery would have been devastating. The rescue was doing what we could to raise funds and having Live Like Roo come through for Hope was a blessing as she went right into surgery.

Fast forward to Spring of 2021 and Hope’s dad passes away leaving her homeless once again. She returned to us and we began working on helping her adjust as she was refusing to eat and in heavy mourning. Eventually she began to show signs of her old self and we were beyond proud of her bouncing back.

Then one of her foster mom’s noticed her nipple farthest down on her belly was discolored. The vet gave her antibiotics and we were thinking she had someone irritated as she plays hard. Two week passed and it seemed to have cleared up. Then a month later it was back and this time growing at a faster rate.

Examination and blood tests revealed Hope’s cancer had returned and she was in need of a mastectomy removing the last two breasts furthest down on her belly. It was ironic as it was October, National Breast Cancer Awareness month.

The estimate in hand, we reached out to Live Like Roo again hoping even a little help was better than no help as surgery had to take place, no more waiting.

An exchange of emails, submitting of estimate and application, and Hope was operated on only 7 days after diagnoses.

I can not express thanks enough to Sarah Lauch and her team at Live Like Roo. Hope is recovered, gaining weight, and enjoying life with her foster parents at 8 years young.

I spent some time with Roosevelt prior to him being diagnosed with cancer, prior to him becoming the inspiration that founded “Live Like Roo” and I can’t help but tip my cap to him for being the love that he was that changed people’s lives and created a legacy of helping cancer stricken dogs.

To support the work of Live Like Roo Foundation visit their website here and make a contribution as we can all agree cancer sucks and every dog should be blessed to be like Roo.

You can follow Hope Love’s journey to find a family to live out her seniors years on our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/K9EI4LIFE

Please share and help Hope find her perfect match.

Hope Love

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